Interview conducted June 2, 1989 in Ithaca, New York.

June 2, 1989: An English translation transcript of this interview is available here:

The following audio files are from a party in celebration of Eugene Dynkin's arrival in Moscow, Russia held at the home of Nikita Vvedenskaya, September 16, 1989. The interview is in five parts. The participants besides Dynkin include Roland Dobrushin, Fridrikh Karpelevich, Rafail Khasminskii and his wife Lida, Robert Minlos, Vladimir Uspensky, Nikita Vvedenskaya, and Alexander Yushkevich. For more interviews with these individuals visit their personal collection pages.

Karpelevich's collection is here:

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Vvedenskaya's collection is here:

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A fragment of the recording of the party at Nikita Vvedenskaya on September 16, 1989 on an occasion of Dynkin’s visit to Moscow. [Dobrushin, Karpelevich, Minlos,Uspenskiy, Khasminskiy, Yushkevich were among the guests.]

Мы были приглашены на совещание в КГБ. Там собирали разное начальство, чтобы объяснить, какое КГБ хорошее и чем оно занимается. Там был задан вопрос: «А почему вы допускаете, что на Пушкинской площади продают всякую нелегальную литературу?» И глава московского КГБ ответил так: «Видите ли, у нас еще не принят никакой закон о печати, и поэтому нет никакого закона, по которому это бы запрещалось.»

We were invited to a session at the KGB. They gathered various senior people to explain how well the KGB is doing. And somebody asked: "Why do you permit the sale of illegal literature on Pushkin Square?" And the head of Moscow KGB replied: "You see, no law on media has been passed yet and therefore this is not prohibited by any law."

September 16, 1989 Part 1:

September 16, 1989 Part 2:

September 16, 1989 Part 3:

September 16, 1989 Part 4:

September 16, 1989 Part 5:

A brief fragment of a recording from September 16, 1989 in Moscow, Russia.

September 16, 1989 fragment:

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