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    • Agenda of Meeting and combined Presentations 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Ehling, Terry; Ginsparg, Paul; Kozak, George; McMillan, Gail; Thomas, Sara; Atkinson, Ross (2005-06-24)
      This is a collection of the combined presentation which were presented at this conference: (1) Agenda; (2) The Cornell Library and Its Contributions to Open Access by Sarah E. Thomas, C. A. Kroch University Librarian; ...
    • The Cornell Library and Its Contributions to Open Access 

      Thomas, Sarah (2005-06-24)
      This presentation discusses the Cornell Library's approach to Open Access including examples of initiatives launched by the Library. The presenter was Sarah E. Thomas, C. A. Kroch University Librarian.
    • Cornell University Library's Publishing Model for Scholarly Literature 

      Ehling, Terry (2005-06-24)
      Terry Ehling, Director of Electronic Publishing at Cornell University presented the Cornell University Library's approach to Scholarly Publishing on the Web. Using the example of the the Library's innovative publishing ...
    • Demo of Quick Submit Interface for Digital Repository 

      Kozak, George (2005-06-24)
      George Kozak, Digital Library Information Technology of the Cornell Library and DSpace Administer presented the "Quick Submit" process which was developed at Cornell University to help users to get their submissions quickly ...
    • Internet-First University Press and Creating Departmental and College Digital Repositories 

      Cooke, J. Robert (2005-06-24)
      J. Robert Cooke, Biol. and Env. Engr., presented the efforts of Internet-First University Press as an open access publishing effort using DSpace including the concepts of print-on-demand and DVDs for videos.
    • Overview of the Open Access Movement: National and International 

      Ginsparg, Paul (2005-06-24)
      Paul Ginsparg, Physics & Computing and Info. Sci. and Founder of e-Print presented an apolitical perspective on questions raised by Open Access initiatives. Various Financial Models and Initiatives were addressed.
    • Trends in Online Theses and Dissertations: National and International 

      McMillan, Gail (2005-06-24)
      Gail McMillan, Director, Digital Library and Achives, Virginia Tech presented the pros and cons of electronic submissions of theses and dissertations. She used the experience of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and ...
    • Workshop on new DSpace digital archive options set for May 9 

      Steele, William (Cornell Chronicle, 2005-05-05)
      Cornell's DSpace, an online digital archive administered by Cornell University Library to make university scholarship freely available, is offering new options for the university's scientists and scholars with the creation ...