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    • Revenue Management for Low-Cost Providers 

      Marcus, Benjamin; Anderson, Chris K. (2008-01-01)
      Low-cost providers have emerged as important players in many service industries, the most predominant being low-cost, or the so-called discount airlines. This paper presents models and results leading toward understanding ...
    • Revenue Management Forecasting Aggregation Analysis Tool 

      Thompson, Gary (2009-09-01)
      The RMFAA tool is designed to help hoteliers identify the best level of aggregation to use in their revenue management forecasts of room demand. Hotel revenue managers (or revenue management systems) typically forecast the ...
    • Revenue Management in Restaurants: Unbundling Pricing for Reservations from the Core Service 

      Kimes, Sheryl E.; Wirtz, Jochen (2016-03-24)
      A substantial minority of restaurant guests would be willing to pay separately for a restaurant reservation, while a much larger group is not supportive of this approach, according to an online survey of 297 U.S. residents. ...
    • Revenue Management in U.S. Hotels: 2001 - 2005 

      Canina, Linda; Enz, Cathy A. (2006-06-02)
      Revenue management is executed more closely on average by hotels that price above their competitive set than by those that price below their competitive set. This observation holds true in each year from 2001 through 2005, ...
    • Revenue Management on the Links: Applying Yield Management to the Golf-course Industry 

      Kimes, Sheryl E. (2000-02-01)
      To maximize golf-course revenue, operators should think of the course’s tee times as finite perishable commodities and golfers as representing highly variable (yet movable) demand.
    • Revenue Management: A Real Options Approach 

      Anderson, Chris K.; Davison, M.; Rasmussen, H. (2004-08-01)
      Revenue management is the process of actively managing inventory or capacity to maximize revenues. The active management typically occurs through managerial levers such as price, promotion, or availability. We present a ...
    • Revenue Management: A Retrospective 

      Kimes, Sheryl E. (2003-10-01)
      The techniques of revenue management have potential application in many industries – as long as customers view the resulting policies as being fair.
    • Revenue Management: Advanced Strategies and Tools to Enhance Firm Profitability 

      Kimes, Sheryl E. (2013-03-01)
      Much of the past research on revenue management (RM) has focused on forecasting and optimization models and, more recently, on adaptation of RM to the specific needs in various industries, such as restaurants, car rental, ...
    • Revenue Management: Resolving Potential Customer Conflicts 

      Wirtz, Jochen; Kimes, Sheryl E.; Theng, Jeanette Ho Pheng; Patterson, Paul (2003-01-01)
      Revenue management is a sophisticated form of supply and demand management that helps a firm maximize revenue by balancing pricing and inventory controls. In recent years, an increasing number of firms have recognized the ...
    • Reversing the Green Backlash in Services: Credible Competitors Help Large Companies Go Green 

      Chun, Hae Eun; Giebelhausen, Michael D. (2012-01-01)
      Purpose – The purpose of this research is to first demonstrate a “green backlash” effect whereby evaluations of a large service organization decrease after the organization announces a new green practice and second, explore ...
    • Reversing the Green Backlash: Why Large Hospitality Companies Should Welcome Credibly Green Competitors 

      Giebelhausen, Michael; Chun, HaeEun H. (2011-08-01)
      This report presents three studies suggesting that when a large restaurant or hotel company announces the adoption of green practice consumers may react in contrary fashion and decrease their evaluation of that company. ...
    • [Review of the Book <i>The Challenge of Organizational Change: How Companies Experience It and Leaders Guide It<i>] 

      Tracey, J. Bruce (1994-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Overall, this book is an important contribution to the organizational studies literature. The Big-Three Model and the case studies supporting it provide new insights regarding the ways in which changes affect ...
    • Revisiting the Best of the Best: Innovations in the Hotel Practice 

      Enz, Cathy A.; Siguaw, Judy A. (2003-10-01)
      [Excerpt] To what extent will current industry best practices stand the rest of time? Will existing excellent practices become integral to the organization or become obsolete and be discarded? The answers to these critical ...
    • Reviving the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Market: The Background and The Way Forward 

      Schilke, Charles (2009-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Present at the Creation and Destruction of CMBS The fateful first week of August 2007, I found myself a consulting attorney to the major Wall Street law firm that creates commercial mortgage-backed securities ...
    • Rising Tourism in Saudi Arabia: Implications for Real Estate Investment 

      Daye, Ali S. (2019-04-25)
      Over the last few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has pursued a more aggressive approach towards economic diversification in order to plan for the future of its youth as nearly 60 percent of the country’s 3 million ...
    • Risk Aversion and Clientele Effects 

      Blackburn, Douglas W.; Goetzmann, William N.; Ukhov, Andrey D. (2009-09-01)
      We use traded options on growth and value indices to test for clientele differences in risk preferences. Value investors appear to have exhibited a higher average level of risk aversion than growth investors for two different ...
    • Robert Bostrom’s Contribution to Listening in Organizational Contexts 

      Brownell, Judi (2013-01-01)
      Robert Bostrom has not only left a listening legacy, but he was also a pioneer in the larger discipline of communication. Bostrom was one of the first scholars to focus on the dynamics of interpersonal contexts, thereby ...
    • "Robot Rooms": How Guests Use and Perceive Hotel Robots 

      Zhong, Lina; Verma, Rohit (2019-04-01)
      Robot-assisted hotel services get generally high marks in a study of guests at 88 hotels in China. Guests reported making fairly frequent use of the robots, primarily for such relatively simple functions as turning on the ...
    • Rolling Valley: Discovering Highest and Best Use 

      Michetti, Matthew; Oliver, Pike (2013-07-01)
      This case introduces students to many of the real estate issues faced when evaluating a real estate development opportunity with an emphasis on market assessment and financial feasibility. Over a two-week period, Brian ...
    • Room-Risk Management at Sunquest Vacation 

      Anderson, Chris K.; Xie, Xiaoqing (2009-08-01)
      This article outlines some of the basic complexities that originate with the acquisition of hotel rooms for a reseller of bundled vacations. A tour operator typically acquires or contracts for service capacity, bundles the ...