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    • Radiofrequency Ablation to kill Kidney Tumors 

      Sharma, Manish; Lafrance, Tim; Ducharme, Richard; Taylor, Kristin; Wobbrock, Nicholas (2003-07-12)
      Radiofrequency ablation is a technique to destroy tissue cells by heating them above 460C. This method is specifically used in treating tumors smaller than 5 cm in diameter by placing the heated probe within the dysfunctional ...
    • Temperature Profile Of the Brain During Suspended Animation 

      Ku, Cora; Sakai, Yuichi; Wong, Amy; Yeung, Ophelia (2003-07-12)
      In most cases of serious truncal injuries, cardiac arrest occurs within minutes due the severe blood loss. Although many of these injuries are potentially repairable, death is often resulted from fatal brain damage due ...
    • Transdermal Scopolamine Drug Delivery Systems for Motion Sickness 

      Fung, Gloria; Ho, Terence; Lee, Soyoon; Munaretto, Joseph; Tsai, Christine (2003-07-12)
      Transdermal drug delivery systems are involved in the continuous administration of drug molecules from the surface of the skin into the circulatory system. Such systems have proved advantageous for delivery of certain ...