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    • The Nude 

      Raisin, Courtney (2022-12)
    • The Milling Rooms 

      Lee, Michael (2022-12)
      In his Eulogy for Franz Ferdinand in July 1914, Karl Kraus wrote that Austria was a “laboratory of the apocalypse”. A month later, Europe erupted into total war on an industrial scale yet unseen: poison gas, concentration ...
    • The State of My Heart 

      Juarez, Rogelio (2022-12)
    • Arrangements: Stories 

      Hu, Vivian (2022-12)
      A collection of short fiction.
    • in pre: tend 

      Hackle, India (2022-12)
    • Post-Volcanic Folk Tales 

      Donnelly, Mackenzie (2022-12)
      A bouquet of (auto)biomythographic folk tales, Post-Volcanic Folk Tales gravitates around my grandmother's narrative, political persecution, wartime sexual violence country-wide, a profoundly painful migration drenched in ...
    • Rehearsing for Carnage 

      Berry, Mackenzie (2022-12)
      A collection of poems
    • Erratic Radio 

      Hewitt, Christopher Matthew (2019-12)
      This manuscript contains 37 poems about a variety of topics.
    • Strada Belgrad 

      Pattison, Charlotte McCall (2019-12)
      MFA thesis in creative writing.
    • Blush 

      Rhee, Alice (2021-12)