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    • Back to Earth 

      Clark, Perry (2021-11-01)
      In this production, composting is analyzed on a variety of levels. The many possibilities and benefits of composting are disucussed in detail.
    • Biochar and its Role in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Lee, Darian; Caruso, Dakota; Kovitch, Alex (2021-11-01)
      This film outlines the production and agricultural uses of biochar, especially as a method of waste disposal. 
    • Black Earth 

      Cooper-Smith, Kendra; Hamilton, Maggie; Poole-Dayan, Tomer (2021-11-15)
      This film explores what it means to farm sustainably while Black in New York by visiting the Learning Farm in Ithaca during their Land Justice Event.
    • Connecting Youth to Agriculture 

      Philipp, Katherine; Ardila, Ashley (2021-11-01)
      This film explores educating youth on food production through school gardens. We specifically look at local school, Covenant Love Community School.
    • Cover Crops on Dairy Farms! 

      Woodis, Sophia; Van Buren, Rachel; Spicer, Josh; Palacios-Garcia, Eddie (2021-11-01)
      This film portrays the implemtation, benefits, and disadvantages of cover crops on large scale dairy farms.
    • Food Is Life 

      Brun, Gabby; Cangelosi, Angelina; Fouch, Tyler (2021-11-01)
      This video exposes the climate implications of food waste and implores the food system to collaborate on solutions that nurture the environment.
    • Food, Farming, and Family 

      Miller, Adyson (2021-11-01)
      This video portrays insight into how the pandemic brought rural communities together and the effects that COVID19 had on buying locally.
    • Future of Food? 

      Moscarella, Serena; Pedro-Pascual, Jessica; Suzuki, Natsumi; Knoepffler, Albert (2021-11-15)
      This film investigates the impact of COVID-19 on global food supply chains and the lives of 8 people from Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Kenya, Australia and Italy with a focus on sustainability.
    • Good Grown Grain 

      Childs, Lily; vonSauer, Edie; Leiber, Oscar (2021-11-01)
      This video promotes the grain to bread chain of local organic production, processing, and distribution in the Finger Lakes region.

      Njagi, Jensen; Wang, Cong (2021-11-01)
      A Kenyan young boy mixed-farm trip in NY state
    • Land Access in New York State 

      Johnson, Sophia; Mantilla, Alexandra; Punyashthiti, Fah-sai; Nichols, Peyton (2021-11-01)
      This short documentary discusses the barriers to accessing and acquiring agricultural land in New York State, specifically in relation to BIPOC farmers.
    • Making Sustainability Accessible 

      Megale, Lily; Anderson, Will; Mbondo, Yvonne (2021-11-15)
      This short film discusses how sustainability in food can be made more accessible to both farmers and consumers through a number of ways, namely promoting availability of meat alternatives and increasing opportunities for ...
    • Modern Technology in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Pound,Avery; Fenwick,Tommy (2021-11-01)
      This video explores the innovations in agricultural technology that allow for more sustainable farming.
    • No Till Zone 

      Shaw, Cameron (2021-11-01)
      This film takes the approach of a music video to educate listeners on and address the benefits of no till and low till farming systems when compared to conventional farming.
    • One Third Wasted : A look at Sustainable Consumption 

      Dalena, Nick (2021-11-15)
      This Film explores food waste at different levels of the supply chain.
    • Superweeds 

      Dart, Sharla; Kangacha, Jeff; Newell, Eli (2021-11-01)
      Weeds are evolving to survive our attempts to terminate them; in this video, Assistant Professor of weed science Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie offers an overview of herbicide resistance problems in New York and the emerging strategies ...
    • Sustainable Agriculture for Horse Farms 

      Sill, Sydney (2021-11-01)
      This video gives a brief overview on how horse farmers can be more environmentally sustainable by improving their manure management and pasture management.
    • The Anti-People's Summit and The People's Movement 

      Sutera, Nick (2021-11-01)
      An exploration of the controversy surrounding the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit agenda, and what the Food Sovereignty movement is building instead.
    • The Backbone of America 

      Marques, Henry; Reilly, Ashley (2021-11-01)
      This video portrays a vast array of community perspectives on farming and the challenges of the industry, demonstrating our intuitive connection to food production and providing hope that agriculture is socially sustainable.
    • The Future of Farming: Urban Hydroponics 

      Arnold , Zoey; Dijstelbloem, Noa; Harrar, Kat; Louie, Kiersten (2021-11-14)
      This video explores the potential of hydroponics to reduce food insecurity in urban areas.