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    • ALSIM 1 (Level 1) Users' Manual 

      Fick, Gary W. (Department of Agronomy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850, 1975)
      ALSIM 1 (Level 1) is a dynamic computer simulation model of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) growth and management written in CSMP. Condition of the crop at the start of simulation, dates of cutting, and solar radiation and ...
    • C Lateblight Simulation 

      Fry, W. E.; Milgroom, M. G.; Doster, M. A.; Bruhn, J. A.; Bruck, R. I.; Ticknor, Barr; Arneson, Phil (1991)
    • C Resistan Simulation 

      Arneson, Phil; Ticknor, Barr (1992)
    • Dynamic Modeling Of Tree Growth And Energy Use In A Nursery Greenhouse Using Matlab And Simulink 

      Jamison, Hill (2006-08-04)
      The purpose of this project was to create a process-based model of a tree seedling nursery as an aid to greenhouse operators concerned about energy management. This model termed GUESS, Greenhouse Use of Energy & Seedling ...
    • Facade 

      Mateas, Michael; Stern, Andrew (2005-07)
      Facade is an artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative - an attempt to move beyond traditional branching or hyper-linked narrative to create a fully-realized, one-act interactive drama. ...
    • Fortran Applescab Simulation 

      Arneson, Phil; Jenkins, Jeffrey J.; Loria, Rosemary; Oren, Timothy (1977)
    • Fortran Resistan Simulation 

      Arneson, Phil (1999)
    • IDL's datareduction v0.23 

      Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-15)
      The routines in this package are intended to reduce spectral data as described in Patricio Rojo's Ph.D. dissertation (2007). All routines are available under the GNU General Public License. Users are responsible for the ...
    • IDL's utils 

      Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-14)
      Collection of IDL routines. This is version 0.16 of the 'utils' package. The package provides routines to read and convolve data files, to make plotting windows user-interactive, and to resample arrays in different ...
    • Java Applescab Simulation 

      Goldfarb, Joshua; Arneson, Phil (2002)
    • Java Lateblight Simulation 

      Fry, W. E.; Milgroom, M. G.; Doster, M. A.; Bruhn, J. A.; Bruck, R. I.; Goldfarb, Joshua; Arneson, Phil (2002)
    • Java Resistan Simulation 

      Arneson, Phil; Goldfarb, Joshua (2002)
    • A Method to Remove Fringes from Images using Wavelets (with IDL's defringeflat v1.5.5) 

      Rojo, Patricio; Harrington, Joseph (The Astrophysical Journal, 2006)
      We have developed a new method that uses wavelet analysis to remove interference fringe patterns from images. This method is particularly useful for flat fields in the common case where fringes vary between the calibration ...
    • NCore website 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      NCore is the the NSDL open-source suite of tools and services used for creating production digital libraries, such as, repository systems, and content-rich STEM learning environments. A core function of the NSDL ...
    • NSDL Collection System 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The NCore Collection System (NCS) creates and manages collections of XML metadata or XML content within a data repository such as the NSDL Data Repository. The NCS is a flexible, XML schema-driven service that provides a ...
    • NSDL Developer Toolkits 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      NCore software developer toolkits was developed for tool and service builders as a one-stop package for finding and installing the necessary components to develop new NCore applications. The software for the Developer ...
    • NSDL EduPak 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      EduPak version 1.0 is a lightweight version of the NCore open-source digital library platform specifically designed to meet the needs of national educational organizations and institutions focused on establishing specialized ...
    • NSDL Expert Voices 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      ExpertVoices was built on the open source multi-user WordPress blogging system to encourage STEM conversations among scientists, teachers and students. The NSDL ExpertVoices plugins integrated with the repository via the ...
    • NSDL Harvest Service 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      The Harvest Manager is used to administer the collections within the repository and communicates with the NSDL's ingest process to manage the automatic gathering and aggregation of OAI-PMH metadata from outside collectors. ...
    • NSDL OnRamp 

      NSDL Development Team (2013-11-06)
      OnRamp is an extensible NSDL content and communications management system designed to bring editors, authors, reviewers, photographers and media specialists from scientific and educational communities together to create, ...