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    • Asian Studies, 1968-70 

      Cornell University (Cornell University, 1969)
    • Asian Studies, 1970-72 

      Cornell University (Cornell University, 1970)
    • Asian Studies, 1974-76 

      Cornell University (Cornell University, 1974)
    • Asian Tiger Mosquito and Tick Awareness Workshops 

      Yeh, Tamson; Boulier, Marie; Camenares, Marie (New York State IPM Program, 2014)
      Ticks and mosquitoes are a chronic concern on Long Island.  A tick taskforce has been mandated by Suffolk County and although various entities address tick and mosquito issues there are mixed messages and misinformation ...
    • Asiatic Brown Rot 

      Carroll, Juliet; Marks, Michelle (New York State IPM Program, 2013)
      Asiatic brown rot, caused by the fungus Monilia polystroma, is native to Japan. Unlike our native brown rot which infects primarily stone fruit, Asiatic brown rot readily infects apple and pear. Asiatic brown rot has been ...
    • AskNSDL 

      Syracuse University School of Information Sciences (2013-11-06)
      AskNSDL was created as a virtual reference desk service to provide information from experts to NSDL visitors via a question and answer format. The link goes to the archived version of the service.
    • Asmus, Henry 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1939)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Henry Asmus (1875-1939) who was Instructor (1913-1914) and Assistant Professor (1914-1939) of horseshoeing (farriery) at the New York State Veterinary College from 1913 to 1939. He was a ...
    • Asorbic Acid - Friend or Foe? 

      Gibson, Richard (2006)
    • Asparagus Beetles 

      Klass, Carolyn (Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University, 2009-12-08)
      A 3 page overview of asparagus beetle life history and management information for New York State residents.
    • An Aspect Ratio Bound for Triangulating a d-grid Cut by a Hyperplane 

      Mitchell, Scott A.; Vavasis, Stephen A. (Cornell University, 1995-11)
      We consider the problem of triangulating a d-dimensional uniform grid of d-cubes that is cut by a k-dimensional affine subspace. The goal is to obtain a triangulation with bounded aspect ratio. To achieve this goal, we ...
    • Aspect Sensitivity Of Equatorial F-Region Ionospheric Irregularities 

      Hedden, Russell (2010-08-05)
      The small-scale irregularities of equatorial spread-F (ESF) are highly aligned with the geomagnetic field. Aspect angles (rms deviations from perfect alignment) have been found to be routinely less than .01 degree . Measuring ...
    • Aspecte privind organizarea administrativ-teritorială şi instituţională a comitatului Arad în secolul al XVIII-lea (Some aspects of the administrative-territorial and institutional organization of Arad County in the eighteenth century) 

      Ghita, Eugen (2011)
      The article offers a brief overview of the administrative-territorial organization and reorganization in the former county of Arad. Old medieval boundaries have known significant changes after the installation of Habsburg ...
    • Aspects Of Effective Supersymmetric Theories 

      Tziveloglou, Panteleimon (2011-01-31)
      This work consists of two parts. In the first part we construct the complete extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model by higher dimensional effective operators and then study its phenomenology. These operators ...
    • Aspects Of Eukaryotic Dna Replication, Repair And Recombination 

      Li, Xin (2009-08-19)
      The mechanism that replicates, maintains, and sometimes alters the DNA is most fundamental and important for life. Three processes (DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination) that are involved in this mechanism are closely ...
    • Aspects of Foraging in Bees: Apple Pollination, Native Bee Populations, and Honey Bee Communication 

      Gardner, Kathryn (2006-08-01)
      Bees are well known for their ability to pollinate a diverse range of plants. In the process of gathering food (pollen and nectar), bees transfer pollen from one flower to another, facilitating reproduction. I investigate ...
    • Aspects Of Knowledge And Belief-Based Programming 

      Petride, Sabina (2009-08-19)
      It has long been recognized that many distributed problems can be analyzed in terms of how agents act based on what they know about the system they are in. To make this intuition formal, Fagin, Halpern, Moses, and Vardi ...
    • Aspects Of Penalized Splines 

      Li, Yingxing (2011-01-31)
      Penalized splines approach has very important applications in statistics. The idea is to fit the unknown regression mean using a high-dimensional spline basis, subject to penalization on the roughness. Such an approach ...
    • Aspects of the Computational Content of Proofs 

      Underwood, Judith (Cornell University, 1994-10)
      In this thesis, we explore three aspects of the computational content of proofs. These are: a computational interpretation of the metatheory of intuitionistic propositional logic, an extension of this approach to ...
    • Aspects of the Implementation of Type Theory 

      Harper, Robert W. (Cornell University, 1985-04)