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    • Idiopathic chylothorax in a Ragdoll cat 

      Rego, Shileyn (2012-05-02)
      A 2 year old female spayed Ragdoll cat presented to her local veterinarian for tachypnea. The referring veterinarian diagnosed the patient with chylothorax based on her severe respiratory distress, radiographic changes and ...
    • Idiopathic cutaneous vasculitis in a Rottweiler 

      Purcell, Tara (2005-12-07)
      A 2 year old female spayed Rottweiler, presented for chief complaint of swollen limbs. Nodular swellings were also observed on the pinnae. Physical exam findings included severe pitting edema in the left hind limb, ...
    • Idiopathic hyperammonemia in a ten-year-old Quarter Horse 

      Russo, Kay (2010-01-27)
      A ten-year-old quarter horse mare presented to Cornell University’s Equine and Farm Animal Hospital in September of 2009. The mare had a one-day history of colic signs. On presentation, the mare demonstrated severe ...
    • Idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome in a three-year-old Boxer 

      Marinkovich, Matt (2013-10-09)
      A three-year-old female spayed boxer presented to the Emergency Service at Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) in respiratory distress. The patient had a history of treatment with antibiotics for a suspected ...
    • Idiopathic laryngeal hemiplegia 

      Romero, Alfredo E. (2004-11-03)
      The following is a case report of a 4-year-old Thoroughbred racehorse who presented to the Cornell University Equine Hospital on 9/13/04. The presenting complaint was exercise intolerance strongly associated with a dramatic ...
    • Idiopathic mesenteric steatitis in a Pug 

      Cruz, Neddie (2010-09-08)
      An 8-year-old female spayed Pug presented to the Cornell Animal Hospital Medicine service with a one-week history of anorexia, decreased frequency of defecation and generalized abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed ...
    • Idiopathic neutropenia in a young Golden Retriever 

      Sula, Mee Ja (2007-01-24)
      The following case report describes the assessment and treatment of a 19 month old female intact Golden Retriever presenting to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) for persistent severe neutropenia, waxing ...
    • Idiopathic pericardial effusion resulting in cardiac tamponade in a Holstein cow 

      Gentile, Desiree (2012-04-18)
      A five-year-old Holstein cow presented to the Cornell University Equine and Farm Animal Hospital for a five day history of depression, poor appetite, tachypnea, and reduced milk production. Further evaluation revealed ...
    • IDL's datareduction v0.23 

      Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-15)
      The routines in this package are intended to reduce spectral data as described in Patricio Rojo's Ph.D. dissertation (2007). All routines are available under the GNU General Public License. Users are responsible for the ...
    • IDL's utils 

      Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-14)
      Collection of IDL routines. This is version 0.16 of the 'utils' package. The package provides routines to read and convolve data files, to make plotting windows user-interactive, and to resample arrays in different ...
    • If We build it will they come -- Part Deux! 

      Kozak, George S. (Cornell University, 2008-04-29)
      At the DSpace User Group Meeting during the Open Repositories Conference 2007, Matthew Connolly of Cornell University did a presentation based on the paper that he co-authored with Philip Davis of Cornell University entitled ...
    • If We Build it, Will They Come? 

      O’Clair, Katherine; Ramirez, Marisa (2010)
    • If we were going to create a university library today 

      Schnedeker, Donald (Cornell Uinnversity Library, 2005-08-05)
      I argue that the Cornell Library with multiple units is a decentralized organization and as a decentralized organization it has the organizational structure to support the values, qualities and characteristics that will ...
    • If you ask 10 beekeepers a question, you'll get 11 stories 

      Donnelly Moran, Kathleen (2015)
      If you get a beekeeper talking about bees, you will most likely hear several stories about their experiences while beekeeping. Beekeepers love interacting with bees and want to share that.
    • IgA multiple myeloma and bilateral retinal detachment in the dog : a case report 

      Jenkins, Katharine R. (2005-05-04)
      A 10 year-old male intact chocolate Labrador Retriever presented for evaluation of sudden onset blindness of one month duration. On physical exam, the patient was bright and alert with slightly pale mucous membranes. ...
    • Ige-Fc[epsilon]Ri-Mediated Redistribution Of Signaling Proteins Measured With Nanometer Resolution Using Scanning Electron Microscopy 

      Chiang, Ethan (2010-10-20)
      In this work, we use fluorescence and electron microscopy techniques to probe the microscopic and nanoscopic functional heterogeneity of the plasma membrane in RBL-2H3 cells. Using patterned poly (acrylic acid) (PAA) polymer ...
    • IgM and fell pony syndrome : a new screening test for early detection 

      Wilby, Eliza (2005-04-06)
      A six week old Fell Pony filly presented to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals Large Animal Medicine service with a chief complaint of chronic progressive anemia. The filly's packed cell volume had been monitored ...
    • Igor Evstigneev Interview August 4, 1989 

      Evstigneev, Igor (1989-08-04)
      Interview conducted by Eugene Dynkin with Igor Evstigneev on August 4, 1989 in Ithaca, New York.
    • Ileoileal intussusception in a three month old alpaca 

      Nightingale, Jennifer L. (2011-04-06)
      A three month old male alpaca was examined for signs of acute abdominal pain including rolling, collapsing and kicking at his abdomen. Physical exam and ultrasonography revealed a cylindrical mass in the left cranioventral ...
    • Ilial fracture as a cause of lameness in a racing Thoroughbred 

      Smoliga, James (2002-09-11)
      Buddha is a three year old Thoroughbred colt racehorse who presented to the large animal orthopedic surgery service of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals on July 9, 2002 for a lameness work up. Three weeks prior ...