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    • The Maestro Group Manager: A Structuring Tool For Applications WithMultiple Quality of Service Requirements 

      Birman, Ken; Friedman, Roy; Hayden, Mark (Cornell University, 1997-02)
      {\em Maestro} is a tool for managing sets of protocol stacks that satisfy varied quality of service or security requirements. Intended primarily for multimedia groupware settings, it permits a single application to efficiently ...
    • Mag Etic Fields 

      Andere, Jones (2010-04-09)
      In this thesis we explore the effect of applying a static magnetic field on the development of both the electrified jet and the whipping instability during electrospinning. The effect that viscosity, volumetric flow, ...
    • Magazine Covers and the 2008 Election: Fair or "Obamanation?" 

      Milliken, Hannah (2008-12-11)
      Hello everybody, My name is Hannah Milliken and this is a project I made for my English 2880 class at Cornell. I was raised in a pretty conservative home in Orange County, CA, and I always figured that when my first ...
    • Magnesium Boron Oxide Tunnel Barriers 

      Read, John (2009-08-19)
      In this dissertation I investigate the materials physics of thin ?lm growth processes for magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) and Josephson junctions (JJs). The studies I present focus primarily on the chemical, electronic, ...
    • Magnetic Control of Micro-Magnetic Beads With Attached Enzymes And Catalyst 

      Bhagwandas, Vishal (2014-01-10)
      The development of magnetic beads in recent years has allowed for manipulation and transport of bio molecules which are attached to the magnetic beads. By attaching enzymes to the magnetic micro beads, they can be used in ...
    • Magnetic Properties Of Nanoscale Conductors 

      Adam, Shaffique (2006-04-26)
      This doctoral dissertation examines some magnetic properties of nanoscale conductors. It comprises two classes of problems, namely, the response of closed nanoscopic systems to an external magnetic field, and the ...
    • Magnetic resonance imaging of presumptive diskospondylitis with paravertebral involvement in a 4 year old English Bulldog 

      Sullivan, Cherese (2009-11-18)
      "Bella", a four year old intact female English Bulldog presented to the Neurology Service at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals with severe acute onset back pain and difficulty walking. Neurologic examination ...
    • Magnetic Resonance Induced Heating in a Vascular Stent 

      Chaudhury, Ankur; Khasnavis, Siddharth; Russell, Matthew; Sarathy, Vijay (2007-07-10)
      It is standard hospital practice to remove metallic objects from patients prior to MRIs. Since magnetic resonance imaging employs changing magnetic fields, even everyday items such as jewelry or keys run the risk of ...
    • Magnetism and Magnetotransport in Complex Oxide Thin Film Heterostructures 

      Chopdekar, Rajesh (2008-09-18)
      The nature of magnetism at thin film surfaces and interfaces is not yet fully understood, yet it is quite important for both fundamental studies and technological applications. In this dissertation, I present a study of ...
    • Magnetism in Coaxial Palladium Nanowires 

      Stewart, Derek (American Institute of Physics, 2007-03-21)
      While bulk palladium is non-magnetic, several recent studies have shown that magnetism can occur in hcp Pd films, fcc twinned Pd nanoparticles, and Pd atomic strands. These studies show that small changes in Pd atomic ...
    • Magnetized Plasma Jets In Experiment And Simulation 

      Schrafel, Peter (2014-08-18)
      Over five years, this experimental campaign has investigated novel configurations of thin aluminum (Al) foils exploded with intense electric current pulses. These experiments allow for the study of the ablation of thin ...
    • Magnetoconvection Dynamics in a Stratified Layer. I. 2D Simulations and Visualization (Revised 10/93) 

      Lantz, Steven R.; Sudan, R. N. (Cornell University, 1993-05)
      To gain insight into the problem of fluid convection below the solar photosphere, time-dependent magnetohydrodynamic convection is studied by numerical simulation of the magneto-anelastic equations, a model appropriate ...
    • Magnetoelastic Interactions And Spin-Transfer Torque Driven Dynamics In Ultrathin Ferromagnetic Nanostructures 

      Gowtham, Praveen (2015-01-26)
      This dissertation can be divided into two separate sections. Chapters 2-5 constitute the first section and reflect my general interest in magnetoelastic interactions in ultra-thin film structures. I became interested in ...
    • Magnetohydrodynamics Of Accretion To Rotating Magnetized Stars 

      Dyda, Sergei (2015-08-17)
      Many astrophysical systems consist of a central object, an accretion disc and a large scale magnetic field. Understanding their interaction, in the case where the central object is a young star, is important for undertanding ...
    • Magnolia Scale 

      Klass, Carolyn; Johnson, Warren T. (Dept. of Entomology, Cornell University, 2009-12-10)
      A 2 page overview of magnolia scale life history and management information for New York State residents.
    • Maharam Extension for Nonsingular Group Actions 

      Roy, P.; Samorodnitsky, G. (Cornell University Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, 2006-11)
      Maharam Extension for Nonsingular Group Actions
    • Mahendra Mala 

      Sharma, Taranath (Kathmandu, Nepal : Ministry of Education, Nepal, 1996)
    • Mahendra Mala 

      (Kathmandu, Nepal : Ministry of Education, Nepal, 1975)
    • Mahendra Mala 

      Sharma, Taranath (Kathmandu, Nepal : Ministry of Education, Nepal, 1996)
    • Mahendra Mala 

      (Kathmandu, Nepal : Ministry of Education, Nepal, 1974)