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  • Metadata Round-up: The rough and tumble world of metadata librarianship 

    Muller, Liz; Wiley, Glen; Dietrich, Dianne (2010-05-24)
    Members of the CUL Metadata Services group will present projects from the past year. We will provide an overview of major initiatives such as managing research data and cataloging image resources. We will provide brief ...
  • Metadata Standards and Appications: NASIG 2007 

    Hillmann, Diane I.; Marker, Rhonda; Brady, Chris (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    This two-day training course, sponsored by ALCTS and CDS and designed by Diane Hillmann, is currently one of the best courses on metadata available. It gives an overview of how metadata is developing within the context ...
  • Metadata Wants to Be Free (and Muddy) 

    Hillmann, Diane I. (2008-01)
    With the recent merger of OCLC and RLG, the near monopoly of OCLC over library metadata distribution is complete. This is, to some extent, a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that OCLC is as aware as any ...
  • Metadata Working Group Forum: FAST 

    Folsom, Steven; Ross, Sarah (2014-10-31)
  • Metadata Working Group Presentation on Surveillance Metadata 

    Sanera, Devin (2014-05-02)
    A short outline of the technology of metadata surveillance.
  • Metal Complexation By Phytochelatins And Microcystins: A Molecular Dynamics Study 

    Pochodylo, Amy (2014-05-25)
    A better understanding of the metal-peptide complexes formed by phytochelatins and microcystins is necessary to understand the role of these peptides in algal cells and cyanobacteria, respectively. As there are limited ...
  • Metalogical Frameworks 

    Basin, David A.; Constable, Robert L. (Cornell University, 1991-09)
    In computer science we speak of implementing a logic; this done in a programming language, such as Lisp, called here the implementation language. We also reason about the logic, as in understanding how to search for ...
  • MetalÚRgicos Sem Fronteiras: Building A Global Union At Gerdau 

    Gray, Chad (2009-10-09)
    This thesis is a case study of a cross-border network of labor unions at the Brazilian steel company, Gerdau. In the thesis I trace the ten-year development of this union network from its informal origins to a to a more ...
  • Metamathematical Extensibility in Type Theory 

    Knoblock, Todd B. (Cornell University, 1987-12)
    An automated theorem prover is said to be metamathematically extensible if a metalanguage can be employed by the user to soundly extend the reasoning capabilities of the system. In this thesis, we present a framework for ...
  • Metamorphic Development Of Manduca Sexta: An In Vivo Integrative Approach To Studying Whole Animal Physiology 

    Kaur, Ayesa (2013-08-19)
    Multicellular organisms have evolved specialized tubular structures to transport gases and liquids throughout the body. For vertebrates, such structures include the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and blood vessels. The ...
  • Metamorphoses Of The Letter In Paul Celan, Georges Perec, And Yoko Tawada 

    Arslan, Gizem (2013-08-19)
    This comparative dissertation project examines the critical status of written signs (letters of phonetic alphabets, Sino-Japanese ideograms, mathematical symbols, and punctuation marks) in translational, multilingual and ...
  • The Metaphysics of Syntax in Nineteenth Century Lyric 

    Sowards, Robin John (2006-07-27)
    This dissertation takes a new approach to the basic problem of literary criticism, the move from form to meaning, by rethinking the category of form through German Idealism and Chomskyan linguistics. My central methodological ...
  • Metastatic carcinoma of the cloaca in a male cockatoo 

    Drury, Julia (2013-04-10)
    mary malignant neoplasia of the cloaca is uncommon in psittacines. Carcinoma of the cloaca was diagnosed post mortem in a 23 year old umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba) presented for a 6 month history of tenesmus and weight ...
  • Metastatic testicular seminoma in a 13 year old, intact male Shih Tzu 

    Sautter, Heather (2012-03-14)
    A 13 year old, intact male Shih Tzu was first noted to have an enlargement of the left testicle in mid-December 2011. Abdominal and testicular ultrasound on 1/9/12 revealed highly vascular abnormal tissue composing the ...
  • Metatheory of the $\pi$-Calculus 

    Weber, Sam; Bloom, Bard (Cornell University, 1996-01)
    Milner's {$\pi$}-calculus is a very influential process algebra in which communication channels are first-class objects. One of the basic concepts in the language is the transmission of one channel along another. This ...
  • Meteorological Records, 1883 to 1940, Inclusive 

    New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1941)
    New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY, Meteorological Records for 1883 to 1940, including monthly and yearly minimum, maximum and mean temperatures. Also includes precipitation data.
  • Metes and Bounds: Agricultural E-Journal Archiving Landscape 

    Kenney, Anne R. (2006)
    Anne R. Kenney assessed the current state of e-journal preservation efforts as they relate to agricultural literature and discussed the various options currently available, based on a study she and her colleagues conducted ...
  • A methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus intermedius infection secondary to multiple orthopedic procedures in a 1.5 year old female spayed Rottweiler 

    Rosenberg, Andrew (2009-04-22)
    The following case report describes the presentation, diagnostic workup, and treatment of a one and half year old female spayed Rottweiler who presented to the Orthopedic Surgery Service at the Cornell University Hospital ...
  • A Method and Tool for Analyzing Fault-Tolerance in Systems 

    Stoller, Scott D. (Cornell University, 1997-05)
    As computers are integrated into systems that have stringent fault-tolerance requirements, there is a growing need for techniques to establish that these systems actually satisfy those requirements. Informal arguments do ...
  • A Method for Imaging Corrosion Damage in Thin Plates from Electrostatic Data 

    Kaup, Peter G.; Santosa, Fadil; Vogelius, Michael (Cornell University, 1995-08)
    The problem of quantitative nondestructive evaluation of corrosion in plates is considered. The inpection method uses boundary measurements of currents and voltages to determine the material loss caused by corrosion. The ...