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      Theodore, Beach (1998-05)
      The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites provide an extensive array of beacon signals for probing the ionosphere. Studies of ionospheric propagation at the GPS L band frequencies (1.2 and 1.6 Hz) are of great interest ...
    • Global Rogues and Regional Orders: The North Korean Challenge in Post-Cold War East Asia 

      Cho, Il Hyun (2008-09-09)
      Why, despite similar North Korean crises within a decade, have East Asia countries responded differently to the U.S. approach toward North Korea, and with what consequences? This dissertation explores the contested nature ...
    • The Portal: A Flexible Technology for Managing Journal Access Information 

      Caruso, Brian; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Ochs, Mary; Lowe, Brian (2006)
      Web-based portals bring together information from many sources and add value to that information by providing a single browsing interface and more consistent display of individual content items. However, designing a portal ...
    • Globalisation and Babool Gum 

      Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)
    • Globalization And State Development: Trade And Crisis In The Making Of Political Institutions 

      Leonard, Don (2014-01-27)
      Political institutions have been shown to play a key role in determining economic outcomes. Where do these institutions come from, and how do they change over time? Examining the puzzle of institutional divergence on the ...
    • Globalization and Traceability of Agricultural Production: The Role of Mechanization 

      Pierce, F.; Cavalieri, R. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2002-09)
      This is an Invited Paper from International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal Volume 4 (2002): F. Pierce and R. Cavalieri. Globalization and Traceability of ...
    • The Globalization of Stock Markets and Convergence in Corporate Governance 

      Davis, Gerald F.; Marquis, Christopher (Princeton University Press, 2004-01-01)
    • A Globally and Superlinearly Convergent Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Programs with Simple Bounds 

      Coleman, Thomas F.; Hulbert, Laurie (Cornell University, 1990-02)
      We present a globally and superlinearly convergent algorithm for solving convex quadratic programs with simple bounds. We develop our algorithm using a new formulation of the problem: the minimization of an unconstrained ...
    • A Globally Convergent Method for Lp Problems 

      Li, Yuying (Cornell University, 1991-06)
      The $l_p$ norm discrete estimation problem $min_{x \epsilon \Re}{n}$ $\|b-A^{T}x\|_{p}$ is troblesome when $p$ is close to unity because the objective function approaches a discontinuous form. In this paper, we present ...
    • A Globally Convergent Method for Nonlinear Programming 

      Han, Shih-Ping (Cornell University, 1975-08)
      Recently developd Newton and quasi-Newton methods for nonlinear programming possess only local convergence properties. Adopting the concept of the damped Newton method in unconstrained optimization, we propose a stepsize ...
    • Glock, Marvin D. 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 2000)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Marvin D. Glock, who died in 2000. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty for ...
    • Gloyer, Walter Oscar 

      Cornell University, Office of the Dean of the University Faculty (Cornell University, 1960)
      Memorial Statement for Professor Walter Oscar Gloyer who died in 1960. The memorial statements contained herein were prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty of Cornell University to honor its faculty ...
    • Glycoengineered Vesicle Vaccine Against Bacterial Pathogens 

      Chen, Linxiao (2016-02-01)
      Vaccines are undoubtedly one of the greatest medical successes in human history, saving countless lives and billions of dollars through preventative medicine. Diseases such as measles, polio and smallpox have all been but ...
    • GMOs-Good or Evil? 

      Kandel, Rohan (2015)
    • GMRES vs. ideal GMRES 

      Kim-Chuan, Toh (Cornell University, 1994-05)
      \begin{abstract} \noindent The GMRES algorithm minimizes $\norm{p(A)b}$ over polynomials $p$ of degree $n$ normalized at $z=0$. The ideal GMRES problem is obtained if one considers minimization of $\norm{p(A)}$ instead. ...
    • GMRES/CR and Arnoldi/Lanczos as Matrix Approximation Problems 

      Greenbaum, Anne; Trefethen, Lloyd N. (Cornell University, 1992-06)
      The GMRES and Arnoldi algorithms, which reduce to the CR and Lanczos algorithms in the symmetric case, both minimize ||p(A)b|| over polynomials p of degree n. The difference is that p is nor- malized at z=0 for GMRES ...
    • The Gnrh Receptor-Associated Membrane Raft Proteome In Mouse Gonadotrope Cells 

      Allen, Krystal (2012-08-20)
      Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) is the central hormone of reproduction in vertebrates. This hormone is secreted from the hypothalamus in response to environmental, steroid hormone feedback and other stimuli in a ...
    • Go and do likewise 

      Unknown author (Boston, Mass. : American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, 1914-11)
    • Goals for the 21st-century 

      Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996 (6/10/1988)
      Sagan discusses the socioeconomic implications of present-day expenditures on conventional and nuclear arms as well as the hypothetical recognition of states like South Africa on the future.
    • Goblits To Omg: 3D Fabrication Techniques For An Opto-Mechanical Gyroscope 

      Fegely, Laura (2014-01-27)
      The scope of this dissertation is to discuss the concept and design considerations of a micro-scale mass manufacturable opto-mechanical gyroscope, as well as the considerable fabrication challenges faced in creating a mass ...