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    • Differentiating the Trace of Certain Matrix Products 

      Searle, S. R.; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1974-02)
    • Differentiation of bacterial gram type via rRNA detection 

      Loubnan, Georgette (2007-08-10)
      The differentiation between gram negative and gram positive bacteria was investigated based on the identification of specific sequences in the 16S rRNA of pathogenic bacteria. The rRNA sequences were aligned and detection ...
    • Difficulties with Objective Evaluation of Innovation in Teaching 

      Urquhart, N. S.; Swallow, W. H.; Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.; Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (1968-06)
    • Diffuse mycobacterial enteritis in a Red-Lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) 

      Sepp, Peter John Jr. (2008-09-10)
      Mycobacteria in an endemic acid-fast saprophyte in which the most common isolates are from food, water and soil. Mycobacterium avian intracellulare and M. genavense cause chronic infections of the gastrointestinal tract ...
    • Diffusion and Binding of Radio-Labeled Antibodies in a Tumor 

      Schweitzer, Andrew; Su, Wan-Lin; Benlifer, Adam; Mathrani, Vikram; Aarismaa, Linda (2004-07-13)
      With the decreasing cost of monoclonal antibody production, radioimmunotherapy (RIT) has rapidly emerged as one of the more promising methods of treating cancer cells. RIT makes use of radio-labeled monoclonal antibodies ...
    • Diffusion Formulation for Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering 

      Arbree, Adam; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (2009-12-12)
      Materials with visually important heterogeneous subsurface scattering, including marble, skin, leaves, and minerals, are common in the real world. However, general, accurate and efficient rendering of these materials is ...
    • Diffusion Of Innovation In Sustainable Building Practices In Construction Projects And The Role Of Major Stakeholders 

      Yang, Eunhwa (2016-02-01)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the adoption of sustainable building practices and understand stakeholder relationships that may influence the adoption of sustainable building practices. The study proposes a ...
    • The Diffusion of Prediabetes Information through Healthcare Facilities 

      Zefferino, Stephanie (2007-06-27)
      Prediabetes is defined as a condition that develops when a patient?s blood sugar level falls between the normoglycemic and diabetic range. Prior research suggests that the loss of ten percent of body mass in a pre-diabetic ...
    • Diffusion of RFID and 3D Body Scanning for Mass Customization in Apparel Retail: A Consumer Study 

      Tiwari, Sanchit (2007-07-05)
      RFID and 3D body scanning were identified as enabling technologies for consumer-centric mass customization in apparel retail. The objective of this research was to investigate consumer knowledge, interest and concerns ...
    • Diffusion Of Sodium In Mixed Glass Former Oxide Glasses 

      Wu, Xinwei (2012-08-20)
      The mixed glass former effect (MGFE) is a non-linear variation of transport properties as a function of the glass former composition when one glass network former is replaced by another one. In order to better understand ...
    • Diffusive Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Aqueous Dispersions 

      He, Kai; Spannuth, Melissa; Conrad, Jacinta; Krishnamoorti, Ramanan (Soft Matter, 2012-10-04)
      The diffusive dynamics of 100 nm to 400 nm diameter polystyrene nanoparticles dispersed in water were studied using brightfield and fluorescence based differential dynamic microscopy (DDM) and compared to those obtained ...
    • Diffusivities and Viscosities of Poly(ethylene oxide) Oligomers 

      Hong, B.; Escobedo, F.; Panagiotopoulos, A.Z. (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, American Chemical Society, 2010-06-22)
      Diffusivities and viscosities of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) oligomer melts of 1 to 12 repeat units have been obtained from equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations using the TraPPE-UA force field. The simulations generate ...
    • Diffusivities, viscosities, and conductivities of solvent-free ionically grafted nanoparticles 

      Hong, Bingbing; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios (Soft Matter, 2013-05-28)
      A new class of conductive composite materials, solvent-free ionically grafted nanoparticles, were modeled by coarse-grained molecular dynamics methods. The grafted oligomeric counterions were observed to migrate between ...
    • Digester Gas Combustion 

      Hower, J.; Chianese, D.S.
    • Digital Archive Partnership 

      Tamminga, Tim (2006-10-27)
      For almost two years, the National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ), Endeavor Information Systems and Sun Microsystems have been working together to design and implement a comprehensive digital preservation platform for New ...
    • Digital Content Delivery Platforms Web Archive 

      Kehoe, William; Kurth, Martin; Mericle, Danielle; Paulson, Joy; Rieger, Oya; Corson-Rikert, Jonathan; Silterra, Enrico; Arnstein, Matthew; Jenkins, Keith; Bakula, Jena; Martinez, Peter; Halpern, Gale; Kozak, George; Smith, Adam; Demello, David; Newhart, Mary; Webb, Frances; Ruddy, David; Payette, Sandra; Wilper, Christopher (Cornell University Library, 2007)
      The Web Archive of the Digital Content Delivery Platforms Forum contains presentations that facilitated the discussion of content software and system issues. The Forum facilitated information sharing among the Library staff ...
    • Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory 

      Hanisch, Robert; Steffen, Julie; Choudhury, Sayeed; DiLauro, Tim; Szalay, Alex; Vishniac, Ethan; Milkey, Robert; Plante, Ray (2006-10-27)
      Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory. Astronomers are producing and analyzing data at ever more prodigious rates. NASA's Great Observatories, ...
    • Digital Empowerment And Equality In India 

      Benjamin, Jerry (2014-08-18)
      This thesis examines the newfound digital empowerment of disadvantaged youth in India. Currently, the digital divide prevents many of the poor in India from participating as equals within Indian society. Throughout India, ...
    • Digital Legal Information: Ensuring Access To The "Official" Word Of The Law 

      Germain, Claire (Cornell University, 1999-07)
      In the United States today, digital versions of current decisions, bills, statutes, and regulations issued by federal and state entities are widely available on publicly accessible Internet Web sites. Worldwide, official ...
    • Digital libraries and the social web: collections and platforms 

      Calhoun, Karen (Karen Calhoun, 2013-09-16)
      This chapter of Exploring Digital Libraries continues the consideration of digital libraries’ responses to the social web. It builds on the visual framework introduced in chapter 9 to consider the transition of digital ...