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  • The Dependence Of Lead-Salt Nanocrystal Properties On Morphology And Dielectric Environment 

    Bartnik, Adam (2011-01-31)
    The IV-VI semiconductors, and specifically the lead-salts (PbS, PbSe, and PbTe), are a natural choice for nanocrystal science. In nanocrystals, because of their narrow band gap, small effective masses, and large dielectric ...
  • Dynamic Phenomena in Transport through Sub-micron Devices 

    Polianski, Mikhail (2004-08-30)
    This thesis considers dynamic phenomena in transport through electronic devices on sub-micron scale. It consists of two closely related parts, the first considering DC current through a quantum dot as a response to a ...
  • Electron Transport in Molecular Transistors 

    Pasupathy, Abhay N. (2004-07-26)
    In this thesis I will describe the conductance properties of certain organic molecules. I will first show that two metal electrodes can be fabricated with a nm-scale gap between them by causing electomigration-induced failure ...