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    • A biography of and interview with Carleton W. Potter 

      Smith, Donald F. (2010-07-15)
      The son of veterinarian, Carleton W. Potter graduated from Cornell University 22 years after his father, Wilburn H. Potter. However, unlike his father, who combined dairy farming and general practice, Carleton devoted his ...
    • A biography of and interview with George E. Ross, Jr. 

      Massaro, Andrew J. (2012-04-12)
      Growing up in Kansas, George E. Ross, Jr. watched as the veterinarians cared for his horse and realized he aspired to be a surgeon. He was the first member of his family to graduate from college and received his DVM from ...
    • Interview recording: George E. Ross, Jr., DVM 

      Massaro, Andrew J. (2012-04-11)
      Interview of George E. Ross, Jr., DVM, Class of 1960, Kansas State University. Interview Date: February 9, 2012. Interviewer: Andrew J. Massaro, DVM candidate, Class of 2015, Cornell.