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    • Key considerations in fan cooling 

      Gooch, Curt; McFarland, Dan (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Effective natural or mechanical ventilation systems are also needed to provide suitable air quality for cows. 
    • Lameness recording for enhanced management 

      Lynch, Rob (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Routine locomotion scoring, and meaningful hoof lesion findings, allow managers to monitor lameness issues.
    • National FARM Program and Version 3.0 changes 

      Morrill, Kimberley (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      The National Dairy FARM Version 3.0 changes went into effect on January 1, 2017 and includes two phases. 
    • Managing the environment to maximize cow comfort 

      Dann, Heather (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Environmental enrichment… Not just for zoos.
    • The impact of bedding on cow comfort and lameness 

      Ferlito, Lindsay (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Deep-beds improve comfort and reduce lameness, but all stalls must have clean, dry and ample bedding.
    • PRO-DAIRY shares research through education to enhance management 

      Berry, Julie (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      This Manager issue from PRO-DAIRY focused on management.
    • Nutrition management and lameness in dairy cattle – Many pieces to the puzzle 

      Chase, Larry (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      The relationship between nutrition and lameness is related to the type and consistency of rumen fermentation.
    • The Manager April 2017 

      Unknown author (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      PRO-DAIRY’s mission is focused on research and education. Throughout the year PRO-DAIRY organizes and supports educational programs, and PRO-DAIRY specialists serve as guest speakers. This issue of The Manager highlights ...
    • How does managing phosphorus with reduced manure rates affect soil nitrate and organic matter? 

      Sadeghpour, Amir; Hetrick, Sarah; Czymmek, Karl; Godwin, Gregory; Ketterings, Quirine (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Soil Organic Matter only increased in the trial plots with high rates of composted manure.
    • How to use corn silage hybrid trial results 

      Lawrence, Joe; Overton, Thomas; Lawton, Allison; Smith, Margaret (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Just looking at the top performing hybrids from a single year, while interesting, has limited value.
    • NYS issues 4th generation CAFO permit 

      Czymmek, Karl (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Managers should evaluate how to be best positioned to meet the possibility of a faster rate of change ahead. 
    • Farm uses grants to construct manure storage 

      Berry, Julie (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2017-04)
      Careful planning and implementation of conservation practices positions farm for the future.
    • What Teachers Should Know about Refugee Students from Burma 

      Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University (2017-03-24)
      Master ESL teacher Claire Soules interviews Ithaca Asian Girls on the Move youth group, and asks “What would you have liked your teachers to know about you as a refugee student in the United States when you came here?” and ...
    • White Coat Ceremony, Class of 2018 [Program], Saturday, March 18, 2017 

      Office of Student and Academic Services (Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03-18)
      This White Coat Ceremony program booklet includes: Background and purpose of the Ceremony; Program; Students in the Class of 2018; Veterinarian's Oath; The John F. Cummings Memorial Award; Address to Class: Matthew Antkowiak.
    • NCRN Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 3 

      Vilhuber, Lars; Knight-Ingram, Dory (2017-03-10)
      Overview of activities at NSF-Census Research Network nodes from December 2016 through February 2017.
    • Spring Bulletin 2017 

      Southeast Asia Program; Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University (Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 2017-03-08)
      The Southeast Asia Program Bulletin is an annual publication covering Cornell faculty research, SEAP outreach activities, student news, and updates about the Kahin Center.
    • Agricultural Economics to the Dyson School: A Personal Experience 

      Tomek, William (Bill) G. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03-07)
      This prominent econometrician recounts his journey at Cornell, dealing with The Early Years, The Middle Years, his role as Department Chair, Achieving Faculty Diversity, The Later Years, and Other Cornell Experiences. He ...
    • Data from two 2017 J. Mechanisms Robotics Papers about the Steinkamp Hopper 

      Steinkamp, Peter; Stiesberg, Gregg; van Oijen, Tim; Ruina, Andy (2017-03-02)
      This data is supplementary material for two papers about the Steinkamp hopper. They are "A statically-unstable passive hopper: design evolution" by Peter Steinkamp and "Steinkamp's toy can hop 100 times but can't stand ...
    • Legacy Meeting Papers and Unpublished Manuscripts of J. Robert Cooke 

      Cooke, J. Robert (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03)
      This is a collection of non-peer-reviewed ASAE (now ASABE) meeting papers. Most of these manuscripts were subsequently published in peer-reviewed venues. However, this is the sole, online source for a number of these “stranded” ...
    • An Enduring Veterinary Legacy: Interview List 

      Smith, Donald F. (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-03)
      A listing of audio recordings, transcripts and biographic sketches from interviews with about 31 Cornell alumni and other notable veterinarians included in An Enduring Veterinary Legacy.