FRB Newsletter Issue 11 — July 2020

Total FRB count: 127
Repeaters: 21

From the editors:

The last month saw an outpouring of FRB news at the FRB2020 virtual meeting, including new results both theoretical and observational (new repeaters, host galaxies, the Galactic magnetar flare, and more). It also led to a renewed push to systematize and share software across groups and collaborations - see our new section below. We hope our readers are staying safe and managing their pandemic situations, and we present this round-up of the month's news.

Papers of interest

Host Galaxies and Localizations
  • A Distant Fast Radio Burst Associated to its Host Galaxy with the Very Large Array; Law et al., arXiv:2007.02155
Observational Results
  • A Search for Fast Radio Burst-like Emission from Fermi Gamma-ray Bursts; Bouwhuis et al., arXiv:2006.14906
  • A Population Analysis of Pulse Broadening in ASKAP Fast Radio Bursts; Qiu et al., arXiv:2006.16502
Theory and Modeling
  • Fast Radio Burst Trains from Magnetar Oscillations; Wadiasingh & Chirenti, arXiv:2006.16231
  • Free Electron Laser in Magnetars / Fast Radio Bursts; Lyutikov, arXiv:2006.16029
  • Periodic Fast Radio Bursts from Forcedly Precessing Neutron Stars, Anomalous Torque, and Internal Magnetic Field for FRB 180916.J0158+65 and FRB 121102; Sob'yanin, arXiv:2007.01616
  • On the True Fraction of Repeating and Non-Repeating FRB Sources; Shunke Ai, He Gao & Bing Zhang, arXiv:2007.02400
  • Gravitational Microlensing Time Delays at High Optical Depth: Image Parities and the Temporal Properties of Fast Radio Bursts; Lewis, arXiv:2007.03919
  • Probing Primordial Non-Gaussianity with Fast Radio Bursts; Reischke, Hagstotz & Lilow, arXiv:2007.04054
  • Probing the Intergalactic Turbulence with Fast Radio Bursts; Siyao Xu & Bing Zhang, arXiv:2007.04089
  • What Does FRB Light-curve Variability Tell Us About The Emission Mechanism? Beniamini & Kumar, arXiv:2007.07265
  • Are Fast Radio Bursts Produced By Large Glitches of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars? Dado & Dar, arXiv:2007.08370
  • Plasma Lensing in Comparison to Gravitational Lensing — Formalism and Degeneracies; Jenny Wagner & Xinzhong Er, arXiv:2006.16263
  • Lensing of Fast Radio Bursts: Future Constraints on Primordial Black Hole Density with an Extended Mass Function and a New Probe of Exotic Compact Fermion and Boson Stars; Ranjan Laha, arXiv:1812.11810
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • Dispersion Measure: Confusion, Constants, and Clarity; Kulkarni, arXiv:2007.02886
  • MWA Tied-Array Processing III: Microsecond Time Resolution via a Polyphase Synthesis Filter; McSweeney et al., arXiv:2007.03171
SGR J1935+2154
  • Periodic Windowed Behavior in SGR 1935+2154 SGR Bursts; Grossan, arXiv:2006.16480
  • Constraining the X-ray - Infrared Spectral Index of Second-Timescale Flares from SGR1935+2154 with Palomar Gattini-IR; De et al., arXiv:2007.02978
  • Detection of Two Bright FRB-Like Bursts from Magnetar SGR 1935+2154 During a Multi-Frequency Monitoring Campaign; Kirsten et al., arXiv:2007.05101
  • The Radio/X-ray Burst from SGR 1935+2154: Radiation Mechanisms and the Possible QPOs; Jie-Shuang Wang, arXiv:2006.14503
From the Astronomer's Telegram
  • The CHIME/Pulsar Collaboration reports upper limits on periodic radio pulsations from SGR 1935+2154 in the CHIME band (800-400 MHz) over 28 days in April and May 2020 (ATel 13838).
  • RMTools: The Canadian Initiative for Radio Astronomy Data Analysis (CIRADA) has officially released the RM-Tools software package. The package provides a toolkit for radio polarization analysis, including rotation measure synthesis (of both single sight-lines and entire FITS cubes) and QU-fitting, written in Python 3. The package is citable via ASCL and a descriptive paper (C. Purcell et al.) is in preparation. [Contributed by Bryan Gaensler and Cameron Van Eck]
  • FRB Community Software Directory: A home is being put together for FRB Community software at The site includes links to public code repositories used for FRB science, guides for using these, and information on how you can contribute your own software to the directory. [Contributed by Evan Keane and Xavier Prochaska]
Meetings and conferences

FRB2020: Thank you to everyone who participated in the virtual FRB2020 meeting. Slides from many talks, and recordings of sessions will be made public on the FRB2020 Website. Please check the conference website for evolving details.

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