FRB Newsletter Volume 02, Issue 10 — October 2021

Total FRB count: 611 (1 new)
Repeaters: 24 (0 new)
Host galaxies: 20 (1 new)

From the Editors

We mark another milestone in Fast Radio Burst observations this month as CHIME/FRB begins releasing public VOEvents for real-time detections (see below). Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this round-up of recent relevant papers, and are staying safe and healthy wherever you are!

General News

The CHIME/FRB collaboration is now sending out public alerts for new FRB detections through a VOEvent service. You can find more information about the service and how to subscribe on the CHIME/FRB Public Webpage. Technical support and FAQs are available on the CHIME/FRB open data page. The CHIME/FRB team welcomes questions or comments through their public discussions forum.

Papers of Interest

Host Galaxies and Localizations
  • A Repeating FRB in a Dense Environment with a Compact Persistent Radio Source; Niu et al., arXiv: 2110.07418
Observational Results
  • Circularly Polarized Radio Emission from the Repeating Fast Radio Burst Source FRB 20201124A; Kumar et al., arXiv: 2109.11535
  • Comparative Analysis of the Observational Properties of Fast Radio Bursts at the Frequencies of 111 and 1400 MHz; Fedorova & Rodin, arXiv: 2109.11881
  • INTEGRAL Limits on Past High-Energy Activity from FRB 20200120E in M81; Mereghetti et al., arXiv: 2110.05880
  • Long and Short Fast Radio Bursts are Different from Repeating and Non-repeating Transients; X. J. Li, X. F. Dong, Z. B. Zhang & D. Li, arXiv: 2110.07227
Theory and Modeling
  • Modelling Spin Evolution of Magnetars; Jawor & Tauris, arXiv: 2109.07484
  • Periodic Activity from Fast Radio Burst FRB180916 Explained in the Frame of the Orbiting Asteroid Model; Voisin, Mottez & Zarka, arXiv: 2109.10577
  • Fast Radio Bursts as Probes of Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei; Batten et al., arXiv: 2109.13472
  • Faraday Depolarization by Multi-Path Propagation and Application to FRBs; Beniamini, Kumar & Narayan, arXiv: 2110.00028
  • FRBs Lensed by Point Masses II. The multi-peaked FRBs from the point view of microlensing; Xuechun Chen, Yiping Shu, Guoliang Li & Wenwen Zheng, arXiv: 2110.07643
  • Escape of Fast Radio Bursts from Magnetars' Magnetospheres; Lyutikov, arXiv: 2110.08435
  • Earth-Mass Primordial Black Hole Mergers as Sources for Non-Repeating FRBs; Can-Min Deng, arXiv: 2110.08981
  • Are there Magnetars in High-Mass X-ray Binaries? Kun Xu et al., arXiv: 2110.10438
  • A Toy Model for the Time-Frequency Structure of Fast Radio Bursts: Implications for the CHIME Burst Dichotomy; Metzger et al., arXiv: 2110.10738
  • FRB 190520B -- A FRB in a Supernova Remnant? Katz, arXiv: 2110.10847
  • Chiral Anomalous Processes in Magnetospheres of Pulsars and Black Holes; Gorbar & Shovkovy, arXiv: 2110.11380
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • A Clock Stabilization System for CHIME/FRB Outriggers; Mena-Parra et al., arXiv: 2110.00576
  • Wide Field Beamformed Observation with MeerKAT; Weiwei Chen et al., arXiv: 2110.01667
  • Fourier-Domain Dedispersion; Bassa et al., arXiv: 2110.03482
  • Uncloaking Hidden Repeating Fast Radio Bursts with Unsupervised Machine Learning; Bo Han Che et al., arXiv: 2110.09440
  • Finding Fast Transients in Real Time Using Novel Light Curve Analysis Algorithm; Strausbaugh et al., arXiv: 2109.13203
  • Give Me a Few Hours: Exploring Short Timescales in Rubin Observatory Cadence Simulations; Bellm et al., arXiv: 2110.02314
  • A GPU Based Single-Pulse Search Pipeline (GSP) with Database and Its Application to the Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS); Shanping You et al., arXiv: 2110.12749
Magnetars and other relevant results
  • Multi-Frequency Radio Observations of the Radio-Loud Magnetar XTE J1810-19; Sujin Eie et al., arXiv: 2109.11739
  • Searching for TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from SGR 1935+2154 during its 2020 X-ray and Radio Bursting Phase; H.E.S.S. Collaboration et al., arXiv: 2110.00636
From the Astronomer's Telegram
  • After 4 months of non-detections, multiple bursts from FRB 20201124A were detected at 1.4 GHz at Effelsberg (ATel 14933), along with a re-detection at CHIME.
Relevant Job Listings

-- Postdoctoral Position in Pulsar/FRB Astrophysics; Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, USA. AAS Job Register
-- Postdoctoral positions in radio astronomy; Caltech, California, USA. AAS Job Register

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