Les meditations de la vie du Christ

Les méditations de la vie du Christ. Traduites en fraçais par Henry de Riancey.
Bonaventure, Saint
Paris, J. de Gigord, 1914.

St. Bonaventure is proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by the Roman Catholic Church. He was Cardinal-Bishop of Albano, Minister General of the Friars Minor, born at Bagnorea in the vicinity of Viterbo in 1221; died at Lyons, 16 July, 1274. Bonaventure's theological writings may be classed under four heads: dogmatic, mystic, exegetical, and homiletic. Only a small part of Bonaventure's writings is properly mystical. These are characterized by brevity and by a faithful adherence to the teaching of the Gospel. Perhaps the best known of Bonaventure's other mystical and ascetical writings is a series of forty-eight devout meditations on the life of Christ.