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Current Professional Activities
Ad hoc reviewer for Sociological Methods and Research.
Ad hoc reviewer for Journal of Marriage and Family.

Current Research Activities
Carmalt's primary research interests lie at the intersection of demography and health.  She currently studies relationships and health with a specific focus on obesity.  Carmalt is particularly interested in understanding how obesity both influences, and is influenced by, demographic processes throughout the life course (i.e., mate selection, union formation, sexual debut, education attainment, labor force participation, etc.) and in understanding how individuals in couples and families influence each other’s health and health-related behaviors. 

Carmalt is currently focusing her research efforts on two studies that examine assortative mating for body weight among U.S. heterosexual couples.  These studies use dyadic data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health (Add Health) romantic pair dataset (data about roughly 500 dating, 500 cohabiting, and 500 married couples) and the Marital and Relationship Survey (MARS; data about 433 low-income married couples).

Carmalt has also examined fertility patterns among cohabiting women, the effect of religion on marital quality, effects of family processes on young adults’ transition to early parenthood, economic and demographic correlates of infidelity, marital assimilation among immigrants, and associations between body weight and risky sexual behavior.

Carmalt's research has appeared in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Social Science Research, and Social Science Quarterly.


Biographical Statement
Julie Carmalt is a lecturer in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management (PAM) at Cornell University and in the Sloan Program in Health Administration in PAM.  She joined the department after completing her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University in 2009. 

Carmalt is a demographer with primary research and teaching interests in population health, public health policy, demographic and life course perspectives on health, and relationships and health.  Particular areas of research focus are obesity and health-risk behavior.

Ph.D. 2009 - Cornell University, Policy Analysis and Management
M.S. 2008 - Cornell University, Policy Analysis and Management
M.S. 2003 - University of Utah, Family Ecology
B.A. 1995 - Humboldt State University, Liberal Arts-Recreation Administration

Administrative Responsibilities
Graduate Career Services Committee, Cornell University.
Admissions Committee, Sloan Program in Health Administration, Cornell University.

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Courses Taught
PAM 2030: Population and Public Policy
PAM 5990: Challenges and Trends in the Health Services Industry
PAM 3280: Fundamentals of Population Health
PAM 5280: Fundamentals of Population Health
PAM 3290: Health, Demographic Processes, and the Life Course

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