FRB Newsletter Volume 03, Issue 06 — June 2022

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From the Editors

Happy Solstice to our readers! Here's a quick round-up of recent papers relevant to FRBs. Please keep sending in your items of interest, and we hope this newsletter continues to be useful and informative.

Papers of Interest

Observational Results
  • A Radio Continuum Study of NGC 2082; Balzan et al., arXiv: 2205.11144
  • The Apertif Radio Transient System (ARTS): Design, Commissioning, Data Release, and Detection of the first 5 Fast Radio Bursts; van Leeuwen et al., arXiv: 2205.12362
  • First Discoveries and Localisations of Fast Radio Bursts with MeerTRAP: A Real-Time, Commensal MeerKAT Survey; Rajwade et al., arXiv: 2205.14600
  • A Burst Storm from the Repeating FRB 20200120E in an M81 Globular Cluster; Nimmo et al., arXiv: 2206.03759
Theory and Modeling
  • Searching for Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Astrophysical Transients using Gaussian Processes; Hubner et al., arXiv: 2205.12716
  • Faraday Conversion in Pair-Symmetric Winds of Magnetars and Fast Radio Bursts; Lyutikov, arXiv: 2205.13435
  • Precession and Jitter in FRB 180916B; Katz, arXiv: 2205.15385
  • Constraints on the Helium Abundance from Fast Radio Bursts; Liang Jing & Jun-Qing Xia, arXiv: 2206.04553
  • A Heuristic Account of the Radiation by the Superluminally Moving Current Sheet in the Magnetosphere of a Neutron Star; Ardavan, arXiv: 2206.02729
  • Radio Nebulae from Hyper-Accreting X-ray Binaries as Common Envelope Precursors and Persistent Counterparts of Fast Radio Bursts; Sridhar & Metzger, arXiv: 2206.10486
  • On the Relation Between Duration and Energy of Non-Repeating Fast Radio Bursts: Census with the CHIME Data; Seong Jin Kim et al., arXiv: 2206.11330
  • Thermodynamics of Magnetized Dense Neutron-Rich Matter; Diener, arXiv: 2206.04433
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • Mitigating Radio Frequency Interference in CHIME/FRB Real-Time Intensity Data; Rafiei-Ravandi & Smith, arXiv: 2206.07292
  • BURSTT: Bustling Universe Radio Survey Telescope for Taiwan; Hsiu-Hsien Lin et al., arXiv: 2206.08983
  • The GMRT High Resolution Southern Sky Survey for Pulsars and Transients -- III: Searching for Long Period Pulsars; Singh et al., arXiv: 2206.00427
Magnetars and other relevant results
  • Looking at Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transients through Neutrino Glasses; Guarini, Tamborra & Raffaella Margutti; arXiv: 2205.12282
  • Discovery of a Radio Emitting Neutron Star with an Ultra-Long Spin Period of 76 Seconds; Caleb et al., arXiv: 2206.01346; Nature Astronomy DOI: s41550-022-01688-x
  • Independent Discovery of a Nulling Pulsar with Unusual Sub-Pulse Drifting Properties with the Murchison Widefield Array; McSweeney et al., arXiv: 2206.00805
  • MeerKAT Observations of the Reversing Drifting Subpulses in PSR J1750-3503; Szary et al., arXiv: 2206.02382
  • The Discovery of a Rotating Radio Transient J1918-0449 with Intriguing Emission Properties with the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope; J. L. Chen et al., arXiv: 2206.03091
  • Magnetar Engines in Fast Blue Optical Transients and Their Connections with SLSNe, SNe Ic-BL, and lGRBs; Jian-Feng Liu et al., arXiv: 2206.03303
  • Tangled magnetic field model of QPOs; Bretz, van Eysden & Link, arXiv: 2206.09544
  • Detection of Quasi-Periodic Micro-Structure in Three Millisecond Pulsars with the Large European Array for Pulsars; Liu et al., arXiv: 2206.10045

    We also discuss a possible link of micro-structure to the properties of some of the recently discovered fast radio bursts which exhibit a very similar emission morphology.

  • A Flat-Spectrum Radio Transient at 122 Mpc consistent with an Emerging Pulsar Wind Nebula; Dong & Hallinan, arXiv: 2206.11911
Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

IAU GA 2022 / FRB2022: The IAU General Assembly in Busan, South Korea is coming soon, with the symposium on Fast Radio Bursts scheduled for 2-4 August 2022.

Relevant Job Listings

-- Research Software Developers for CHIME/FRB and CHIME Slow Pulsar at McGill University. Closing 30 June, 2022. International applicants welcome!
McGill Workday Listing 1 & Listing 2.

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