FRB Newsletter Volume 04, Issue 3 — March 2023

Total FRB count: 662 (8 new)
Repeaters: 50
Host galaxies: 27 (1 new)
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From the Editors

Spring is officially here in the Northern hemisphere. Teams across the world continue to push ahead on new instrumental advances, including the CHIME Outriggers, the DSA-2000, ASKAP, and many others. Papers related to science with fast radio bursts also keep ticking along. Here is the latest crop for your enjoyment!

Papers of Interest

  • Future of neutron star studies with fast radio bursts; Popov & Pshirkov, arXiv: 2303.05591
Host Galaxies and Localizations
  • Deep Synoptic Array science: A massive elliptical host among two galaxy-cluster fast radio bursts; Sharma et al., arXiv: 2302.14782
Observational Results
  • Deep Synoptic Array science: Two fast radio burst sources in massive galaxy clusters; Connor et al., arXiv: 2302.14788
  • Searching for the sources of excess extragalactic dispersion of FRBs; Simha et al., arXiv: 2303.07387
  • A LOFAR sample of luminous compact sources coincident with nearby dwarf galaxies; Vohl et al., arXiv: 2303.12598
  • The origin diversity of non-repeating fast radio bursts: Rotational radio transient sources and cosmological compact binary merger remnants? Zhang et al., arXiv: 2303.14695
Theory and Modeling
  • Log-Normal Waiting Time Widths Characterize Dynamics; Katz, arXiv: 2303.05578
  • Oscillations of highly magnetized non-rotating neutron stars; Leung et al., arXiv: 2303.05684
  • Expectations for Fast Radio Bursts in Neutron Star-Massive Star binaries; Rajwade & van den Eijnden, arXiv: 2303.16770
  • Fast radio burst energy function in the presence of DM_host variation; Li et al., arXiv: 2303.16775
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • The performance of SiPM-based gamma-ray detector (GRD) of GECAM-C; Zhang et al., arXiv: 2303.00537
  • Prompt Detection of Fast Optical Bursts with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory; Homar et al., arXiv: 2303.02525
  • Measuring Data Loss resulting from Radio Frequency Interference; Baan et al., arXiv: 2302.14575
Magnetars and other relevant results
  • Misidentification of Short GRBs as Magnetars in Nearby Galaxies; Schosser et al., arXiv: 2303.05922
  • The radio shut-off, glitch, and X-ray burst in 1E 1547.0-5408 interpreted through magnetic reconfiguration; Arthur G. Suvorov, arXiv: 2302.13777
Recent meetings
  • Scientific frontiers and synergies for the DSA-2000 radio camera: a meeting to discuss the scientific potential of the DSA-2000 was held in Pasadena, California on March 20-22 2023. Recordings of the talks can be accessed at the conference website.
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