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    • Fast Radio Burst Community Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 09 

      Petroff, Emily; Chatterjee, Shami (2022-09-28)
    • Dairy Profit Monitor Trends July 2020 through June 2022 

      Augello, Lauren; Karszes, Jason (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-09)
      With the unpredictable cycles in the dairy industry and fluctuations in prices, it is important to continually monitor the performance of your dairy business. The selected graphs depicted show the average trends and ranges ...
    • NYCounterPOPd Version 2 

      Hanley, Brenda; Them, Cara E.; Connelly, Patrick J.; Hynes, Kevin P.; Bunting, Elizabeth M.; Schuler, Krysten L. (2022-09-28)
      The NYCounterPOPdV2 software is an interactive application used to explore the differences in population dynamics in the presence and absence of lead (Pb) in bald eagles in New York state between 1990 and 2018. Comparisons ...
    • The AIC guide to digital photography and conservation documentation 

      Frey, Franziska S.; Warda, Jeffrey; Heller, Dawn; Kushel, Dan; Vitale, Timothy; Weaver, Gawain; American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. Digital Photographic Documentation Task Force (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, 2017)
      Documentation is basic to the ethical practice of conservation. The Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works requires that the conservation ...
    • A Catalog of Odonata Material in the Cornell University Insect Collection 

      Deitsch, John; O'Grady, Patrick (2022-09-27)
      Museum collections are important to document historical and present-day species distributions and abundance. Tracking insect declines and asssessing ecosystem health using insect biomonitoring requires accurate species ...
    • Data from: Initial nucleation of metastable γ -Ga2O3 during sub-millisecond thermal anneals of amorphous Ga2O3 

      Gann, Katie; Chang, Celesta; Chang, Ming-Chiang; Sutherland, Duncan; Connolly, Aine; Muller, David; van Dover, Robert; Thompson, Michael (2022)
      These files contain the data supporting all of the results in Katie Gann, et. al, Initial nucleation of metastable γ -Ga2O3 during sub-millisecond thermal anneals of amorphous Ga2O3. In this work, we found: Beta-phase ...
    • Quantitative Data Skills for Undergraduates: A Seminar Series for Social Science Students 

      Kramer, Whitney; Kallaher, Amelia (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2022)
      This recipe is for a series of six 60-minute social science data-focused lessons that provide a broad overview of the social science research life cycle with respect to working with quantitative data. This seminar teaches ...
    • Is This a Good Microbiome? What About That One? How Does the Microbiome Affect Efficiency and Productivity of My Herd? 

      Huang, W.; Lourenco, J.M.; Pringle, T.D.; Koyun, O.Y.; Callaway, T.R. (2022-10)
    • Curating an Exhibit 

      Jao, Charline (2022)
      In this activity, the metaphor of a museum exhibit allows students to think more critically about how they incorporate sources into an argument. Rather than simply talking about texts on the surface-level, this exercise ...
    • Handout: Undertaking synthesis in your literature review 

      Robinson, Ewan (2021)
      Alongside this handout, students worked in groups to analyze two example literature reviews that modeled different structures for conducting synthesis at the paragraph and sentence levels. Students created reverse outlines ...