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    • Beasts Begone! Handling Wildlife Problems in Buildings 

      Braband, Lynn (New York State IPM Program, 2020)
      This manual provides an overview of the different ways to solve animal problems in and around buildings. It is intended for use by homeowners, property managers and pest control operators who are unfamiliar with nuisance ...
    • Fast Radio Burst Community Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 14 

      Petroff, Emily; Chatterjee, Shami (2020-10-22)
    • Daily Rollercoaster of Blood and Milk Metrics 

      McArt, J.A.A.; Barbano, D.M. (2020-10)
      We often measure blood β-hydroxybutyrate and non-esterified fatty acids in early lactation cows to diagnose excessive energy deficit on the individual cow and herd levels. In this presentation, we will discuss diurnal ...
    • 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference Proceedings 

      Cornell University Department of Animal Science; Harvatine, K.J.; Jenkins, T.; McGee, D.; Place, S.; Ballou, M.; Davis, E.M.; Adesogan, A.T.; Arriola, K. G.; Harvatine, K.J.; Smith, K.M.; Grant, R.J.; Obata, A.; de Ondarza, M.B.; Emanuele, S.M.; Sniffe, C.J.; McArt, J.A.A.; Barbano, D.M.; Elrod, C.C.; Boyd, R.D.; Jackman, J.A.; Miller, M.D.; Tylutki, T.P.; Grant, R.J.; Molano, R.A; Ortega, D.; Drackley, J.K.; James, R.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; Morrison, S.Y.; Fontoura, A.B.P.; McFadden, J.W.; Barrientos-Blanco, J.A.; Reed, K.F.; Kerwin, A.L.; Overton, T.R.; Tacoma-Fogal, R.; LaPierre, P.A.; Fredin, S.; Ross, D.; Van Amburgh, M.E.; McFadden, J.W.; Myers, W.A.; Overton, T.R.; Chase, L.E.; Reed, K.F.; Wood, E.M.; Portnoy, M.; Barbano, D. (2020-10)
      Complete proceedings of manuscripts written for the 2020 Cornell Nutrition Conference
    • USAIN Oral History Interview with Andrea Powell 

      Powell, Andrea; Hedrich, Anne (United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN), 2020-06-30)
      The U.S. Agricultural Information Network, or USAIN, Oral History Special Project, launched during USAIN’s 30th year to document USAIN’s history as experienced through its members and close affiliates. The goal is to ...