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    • Observation Checklist 

      MacKenzie, Mary Kate; Karszes, Jason (2022-06-01)
      This is a checklist you can use when you are identifying areas to implement lean management.
    • Progress of The Dairy Farm Report: Selected Financial and Production Factors - Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis New York State, 2021 

      Karszes, Jason; Augello, Lauren (2022-06-29)
      The objective of the Dairy Farm Business Summary & Analysis Program (DFBS) is to help farm managers improve the financial management of their dairy farm through appropriate use of historical farm data and the application ...
    • Chairman Mao’s Children: Politics, Generation, and China’s Difficult Memory 

      Xu, Bin (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2020-10-26)
      Speaker: Bin Xu, Sociology, Emory University October 26, 2020, Cornell University East Asia Program In the 1960s and 1970s, about 17 million Chinese youths were mobilized or forced by the state to migrate to the rural ...
    • Everyday Erotics: Older Lesbians and Bisexual Women 

      Tang, Denise (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2022-02-21)
      Everyday Erotics: Ethnographies of Older Lesbians and Bisexual Women in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan Denise Tang, Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Associate Dean, Arts Department Lingnan University, ...
    • “THE STORIES TREES HAVE TO TELL” Black Land Stewardship in the Northeast 

      Allred, S.B.; Ferrare, K.A.; Catanzaro, P.; O., Lukacic. (CENTER FOR CONSERVATION SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2022)
      Allred, S.B., Ferrare, K.A., Catanzaro, P. and O. Lukacic. 2022. CCSS Outreach Publ. 22-1. Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY. 30 p
    • Data from: An in silico-in vitro pipeline for drug cardiotoxicity screening identifies ionic proarrhythmia mechanisms 

      Clark, Alexander P.; Wei, Siyu; Kalola, Darshan; Krogh-Madsen, Trine; Christini, David J. (2022-06-23)
      Background and Purpose: Before advancing to clinical trials, new drugs are screened for their proarrhythmic potential using a method that is overly conservative and provides limited mechanistic insight. The shortcomings ...
    • Maple Sports Drink 

      Belisle Ph.D., Catherine (2022-06-22)
      The Cornell Maple Program developed athlete-approved recipes for a Tart Cherry and a Tangerine Maple Sports Drink. The fact sheet provides recipes, regulatory and preservation information, and other details to help an ...
    • Data and Methods for Prioritizing User-Centered Outcomes in Transportation 

      Shaw, Atiyya (2022-05-20)
      Transportation systems are currently facing unprecedented challenges, compounded by unpredictable technological disruptions, that make it critical to take a fresh look at the approaches and tools used by civil engineers ...
    • SLEI Model Software 

      Hanley, Brenda J.; Them, Cara E.; Mitchell, Corey I.; Carstensen, Michelle; Walsh, Daniel P.; Christensen, Sonja A.; Storm, Daniel J.; Booth, James G.; Guinness, Joseph; Abbott, Rachel C.; Ahmed, Md Sohel; Schuler, Krysten L. (2022-06-21)
      The SLEI Model Software displays differential outbreak potential of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in white-tailed deer under the influence of a habitat contaminated with infectious prions. Based on a Susceptible-Latent-E ...