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  1. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan Wolff, John (16,035)
  2. Fijian-English Dictionary: with notes on Fijian culture and natural history Gatty, Ronald (7,322)
  3. THE NECROPSY BOOK: A Guide for Veterinary Students, Residents, Clinicians, Pathologists, and Biological Researchers Newsom, Marion E.;Dodd, David C.;Roth-Johnson, Lois;King, John M. (3,962)
  4. Bait Hives for Honey Bees Seeley, Thomas D.;Morse, Roger A.;Nowogrodzki, Richard (2,993)
  5. सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: दश (2,756)
  6. हाम्रो नेपाली किताब, कक्षा: ६ (2,312)
  7. Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home Eames-Sheavly, Marcia;Pritts, Marvin;Cramer, Craig;Bushway, Lori;Merwin, Ian;Reisinger, Richard;McKay, Steven (2,299)
  8. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management: An Introduction to Methods, Models and Applications Villars, Monique T.;Dijkman, Jozef P.M.;Stedinger, Jery R.;Loucks, Daniel P.;van Beek, Eelco (2,284)
  9. The Woman's Bible Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (2,212)
  10. हाम्रो नेपाली किताब, कक्षा: आठ (1,988)
  11. How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Belongings Frye, Matthew;Gangloff-Kaufmann, Jody (1,931)
  12. Origins of the Philippine Republic : extracts from the diaries and records of Francis Burton Harrison Harrison, Francis Burton (1,918)
  13. Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index 2020: Carbon, Energy, and Water Jagarajan, Rehmaashini;Ricaurte, Eric (1,614)
  14. Composting at Home - The Green and Brown Alternative Schwarz, Mary;Bonhotal, Jean (1,608)
  15. A Conversation with Edmund T. Cranch Cranch, Edmund T.;Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (1,452)
  16. The Role of Entrepreneurs in Economic Development: Prospects and Challenges of Female Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness in Ghana Quaidoo, Marilyn (1,433)
  17. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan. Volume Two Wolff, John U. (1,391)
  18. सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: नौ (1,375)
  19. Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitization for U.S. Libraries, Archives, and Museums Hirtle, Peter B.;Hudson, Emily;Kenyon, Andrew T. (1,349)
  20. Positive Youth Development Resource Manual Dotterweich, Jutta (1,271)
  21. A Grower’s Guide to Organic Apples Peck, Gregory;Merwin, Ian A. (1,245)
  22. हाम्रो सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: आठ (1,132)
  23. Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages Danavit, Jacques;Hartenberg, Richard (1,102)
  24. An inquiry into the proper mode of translating ruach and pneuma, in the Chinese version of the Scriptures Medhurst, Walter Henry, 1796-1857 (1,084)
  25. Between Occultism And Fascism: Anthroposophy And The Politics Of Race And Nation In Germany And Italy, 1900-1945 Staudenmaier, Peter (1,070)
  26. Hamro Nepali Kitab Pyakurel, Bharat Nepali (1,026)
  27. Our English Book, Grade: 8 (1,019)
  28. Spanish Colonial Economies: An Overview of the Economy of the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1542-1600 Hurley, Denis (1,004)
  29. How It Worked When It Worked: Electrifying Rural America Karr-Kaitin, Noah (933)
  30. Border Lives: Prostitute Women in Tijuana Castillo, Debra A.;Gomez, Maria Gudelia Rangel;Delgado, Bonnie;Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.;Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.;Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (888)
  31. "Too Filthy to be Repeated": Reading Sexualized Violence Against Enslaved Males in U. S. Slave Societies Staidum, Frederick Jr (862)
  32. De Ingeneis, V. II, The Notebook Taccola, Mariano (851)
  33. Samples of Entrance and Scholarship Examination Papers 1916 Cornell University (823)
  34. Mission, Vision, Values & Goals Grusenmeyer, David (815)
  35. Why Do Sweatshops Exist? Sweatshop Watch (791)
  36. My English Book : Grade 3 (789)
  37. Women in Ritual Slavery: Devadasi, Jogini and Mathamma in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Southern India Black, Maggie (786)
  38. U.S. Civil Society Statement on U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement International Labor Rights Forum;Sweatfree Communities (783)
  39. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management: An Introduction to Methods, Models and Applications Loucks, Daniel P.;van Beek, Eelco;Dijkman, Jozef P.M.;Villars, Monique T.;Stedinger, Jery R. (780)
  40. Holy Spit And Magic Spells: Religion, Magic And The Body In Late Ancient Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Bursi, Adam (777)
  41. Methods Of Gram Staining Conn, Harold Joel;Hucker, George J. (777)
  42. Vaqueros Navarra, Tehuacan, Mexico International Labor Rights Forum;Sweatfree Communities (773)
  43. What’s in a Sweatfree Purchasing Policy? Sweatfree Communities (770)
  44. नेपाली साहित्यक रचना, तीन बर्षे स्नातक तह (770)
  45. Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Best Practices, Guest Participation, and Customer Satisfaction Verma, Rohit;Chong, Howard;Bruns-Smith, Alexandra;Choy, Vanessa (767)
  46. 2016 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Blueberries Heidenreich, Catherine;Pritts, Marvin;Carroll, Juliet (766)
  47. Mero Nepali Kitab Dhungel, Diwakar (766)
  48. Worker Rights groups Denounce Dole’s Valentine Day’s Mass Firings International Labor Rights Forum (764)
  49. Workers and Alcoa advance solutions to health problems caused by fiberglass Comite Fronterizo de Obreras (750)
  50. Novo teatro di machine et edificii per uarie et sicure operationi Zonca, Vittorio (743)
  51. Workers score second victory over Fujikura's greed Comite Fronterizo de Obreras (740)
  52. हाम्रो नागरिक तथा नैतिक शिक्षा, कक्षा: आठ Bhatta, Janakraj;Bhattarai, Dhurbaprasahad (735)
  53. Keystone XL Pipeline Project: Key Issues Vann, Adam;Luther, Linda;Parfomak, Paul W.;Pirog, Robert (719)
  54. Mechanisms for Intermittent Motion Bickford, John H. (717)
  55. Open Systems in Practice and Theory David, Shay (716)
  56. Reproducibility Confidentiality Data Access Vilhuber, Lars (711)
  57. The Reproducibility of Economics Research: A Case Study Stanchi, Flavio;Herbert, Sylverie;Vilhuber, Lars;Kingi, Hautahi (709)
  58. 2016 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Spinach Seaman, Abby (707)
  59. 2016 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Strawberries Heidenreich, Catherine;Pritts, Marvin;Carroll, Juliet (706)
  60. The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng Beyfuss, Bob (690)
  61. सबैको नेपाली ; कक्षा: दश Paudel, Hemnath;Guragain, Lekhnath;Bhattarai, Ramesh;Subedi, Kesab;Giri, Jibendra Dev;Pandey, Tarakanta;Rai, Debika;Bhattarai, Badri Bishal;Awasthi, Mahadev;Neupane, Maheshwor (689)
  62. Consumer Concerns About Hormones in Food, BCERF Fact Sheet No. 37 Gandhi, Renu;Snedeker, Suzanne M. (685)
  63. The American Avant-Pastoral: Ezra Pound, Louis Zukofsky, Ronald Johnson Corey, Joshua (684)
  64. How are Global HR Competency Models Evolving for the Future? Lee, Eunjung;Yu, Kyungkeun Scott (682)
  66. Democracy Within: Religion, Politics, and the Americanization of Psychoanalysis during and after World War II Miles, Mary (676)
  67. Mero Nepali Kitab Dixit, Usha (675)
  68. हाम्रो नागरिक तथा नैतिक शिक्षा, कक्षा: सात Bhatta, Janak;Bhattarai, Dhruba (674)
  69. Mero Nepali Kitab Pyakurel, Bharat Nepali (670)
  70. Codex Madrid I Leonardo, da Vinci (665)
  71. नेपाली, कक्षा: दश (656)
  72. Mental Health and Work: Impact, Issues and Good Practices Harnois, Gaston;Gabriel, Phyllis (642)
  73. The Emergence of Ceramic Roof Tiles in Archaic Greek Architecture Sapirstein, Philip (641)
  75. Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables Nock, Jacqueline F.;Watkins, Chris B. (635)
  77. Haruhi In Usa: A Case Study Of A Japanese Anime In The United States Mihara, Ryotaro (632)
  78. Framing Nano: Media Coverage and Public Opinion about Nanotechnology Gorss, Jason (628)
  79. Interior Architypes: Contemporary Apartment Interior Design Kim, Na (627)
  80. An Integrated Management Strategy for Bacterial Speck Disease of Tomato in New York: Deciphering the Web of Induced Resistance Herman, Maryann Adel Borsick (625)
  81. हाम्रो जनसंख्या र बातावरण शिक्षा, कक्षा: सात (625)
  82. Bioactivity of Trans Octadecenoic Acids: Uptake and Utilization for Milk Fat Synthesis in Dairy Cows and Effects on Biomarkers of Coronary Heart Disease Risk in the Golden Syrian Hamster Tyburczy, Cynthia (623)
  84. What Does the Gig Economy Mean for Workers? Shimabukuru, Jon O.;Donovan, Sarah A.;Bradley, David H. (621)
  85. इतिहास (ऐच्छिक), कक्षा: दश (605)
  86. गृहबिज्ञान, कक्षा: नौ Adhikari, Jebin;Ghimire, Nirmala;Rijal, Bijaya (592)
  87. De re militari libris XII Valturio, Roberto (590)
  88. Is It Time for Bottom Fishing? White, Robert Jr;Nowak, Adam;Liu, Crocker (583)
  89. Segmenting and Targeting Your Market: Strategies and Limitations Lynn, Michael (576)
  90. Agricultural Information Worldwide, vol. 6, 2014 Taylor, Katarlah;Alvaré, Luz Marina;Chikate, Anil;Singh, Neena;Roy, M. M.;Meena, M. L.;Chaudhary, M. K.;Singh, Dheeraj;Rahr, Matt;Pesce, Valeria;Hutchinson, Barbara S.;Pfander, Jeanne L.;Odongo, Dorine;Norris, Jeanette;Baliddawa, Callistus;Mugonola, Basil;Yerramareddy, Indira;Miller, Ryan;Waters, Natalie;MacKenzie, Emily;Berisha, Valdete;Gao, Yuan;Kincheloe, Kathryn Pace;Kim, Soonho;Kasangaki, Patrick;Hobbs, Shaun L.A.;Chege, Florence;Karanja, Teresia;Leach, Margo C.;Oronje, MaryLucy;Finegold, Cambria;Waswa, B. S.;Mureithi, A.;Mairura, F. S.;Okoth, P. F.;Zingore, S.;Okello, J. J.;Etyang, T. B.;Fovet-Rabot, Cécile;Deboin, Marie-Claude;Allard, Suzie;Tenopir, Carol;Steiner Davis, Miriam L.E.;Malapela, Thembani;Chisita, Collence Takaingenhamo;Sam, Joel;Kedemi, Richard;Chisenga, Justin;Rorissa, Abebe;Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw;Assefa, Shimelis;Ogbonna, Andrew U.;Anunobi, Chinwe V.;Ogbonnah, Elizabeth Ene;Amu, Chiebonam Justina;Agwu, Agwu Ekwe;Weiner, Sharon;Greider, Antoinette Paris;Morris-Knower, Jim (576)
  91. Citronella & Citronella Oil Profile Malakar-Kuenen, Raksha;Baker, Brian P.;Grant, Jennifer A. (569)
  92. Duty of Care Benchmarking Tool Thompson, Gary;Enz, Cathy (553)
  93. Study of Greek Revival Architecture in the Seneca and Cayuga Lake Regions (Volume 2) Ruffner, Clifford Hayes, 1915- (548)
  94. Neemrana Hotels: Building a Heritage Hospitality Brand Stroock, Laure Mougeot;Dev, Chekitan (540)
  95. 2019-2020 Year in Review Center for Hospitality Research (538)
  96. Managing a Wine Cellar Using a Spreadsheet Thompson, Gary (538)
  97. On Deriving the Inverse of a Sum of Matrices Henderson, H. V.;Searle, S. R.;Cornell University. Biometrics Unit.;Cornell University. Dept. of Biometrics.;Cornell University. Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. (530)
  98. Cornell Alumni Magazine Vol. 115, No. 03 (November/December 2012) Cornell Alumni Association (527)
  99. 2016 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Raspberries & Blackberries Pritts, Marvin;Heidenreich, Catherine;Carroll, Juliet;Archer, Leigh (526)
  100. Impact of Globalization on Rural Communities: Social & Economc Impacts Merrill, Margaret (525)