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  1. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan Wolff, John (13,842)
  2. Fijian-English Dictionary: with notes on Fijian culture and natural history Gatty, Ronald (6,186)
  3. Samples of Entrance and Scholarship Examination Papers 1916 Cornell University (4,134)
  4. Asian Jumping Worms: A Homeowner's Guide Bezrutczyk, Abigail; Bowe, Audrey; Brown-Lima, Carrie; Davalos, Andrea; Dobson, Annise; Herrick, Bradley; McCay, Timothy; Wickings, Kyle (3,390)
  5. THE NECROPSY BOOK: A Guide for Veterinary Students, Residents, Clinicians, Pathologists, and Biological Researchers King, John M.; Roth-Johnson, Lois; Dodd, David C.; Newsom, Marion E. (2,928)
  6. सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: दश (2,631)
  7. सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: नौ (2,151)
  8. Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home Eames-Sheavly, Marcia; Pritts, Marvin; Cramer, Craig; Bushway, Lori; Merwin, Ian; Reisinger, Richard; McKay, Steven (2,110)
  9. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management: An Introduction to Methods, Models and Applications Loucks, Daniel P.; van Beek, Eelco; Stedinger, Jery R.; Dijkman, Jozef P.M.; Villars, Monique T. (2,093)
  10. हाम्रो सामाजिक अध्ययन, कक्षा: आठ (1,807)
  11. हाम्रो नेपाली किताब, कक्षा: आठ (1,551)
  12. Growth Stages in Fruit Trees- From Dormant to Fruit Set Chapman, P.; Catlin, Gertrude (1,520)
  13. Unvarnished: Precarity and Poor Working Conditions for Nail Salon Workers in New York State West, Zoe; Weaver, Russell; Wagner, KC (1,503)
  14. The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance Anderson, Chris (1,446)
  15. Bait Hives for Honey Bees Seeley, Thomas D.; Morse, Roger A.; Nowogrodzki, Richard (1,385)
  16. Composting at Home - The Green and Brown Alternative Schwarz, Mary; Bonhotal, Jean (1,321)
  17. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan. Volume Two Wolff, John U. (1,314)
  18. Americans on the Defense Team in the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, 1946--1948: Understanding the Mentality Behind Defending the " Enemy" Glazer, Michelle (1,309)
  19. Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages Hartenberg, Richard; Danavit, Jacques (1,253)
  20. The Role of Entrepreneurs in Economic Development: Prospects and Challenges of Female Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness in Ghana Quaidoo, Marilyn (1,210)
  21. Planning and Programming a Hotel deRoos, Jan A. (1,117)
  22. Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index 2021: Carbon, Energy, and Water Ricaurte, Eric; Jagarajan, Rehmaashini (1,097)
  23. Stages of Adolescent Development (summary chart) ACT for Youth Center of Excellence (1,052)
  24. How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Belongings Frye, Matthew; Gangloff-Kaufmann, Jody (1,018)
  25. Mental Health and Work: Impact, Issues and Good Practices Harnois, Gaston; Gabriel, Phyllis (1,005)
  26. Making Call Center Jobs Better: The Relationship between Management Practices and Worker Stress Doellgast, Virginia; O'Brady, Sean (1,001)
  27. Dynamics, Theory and Applications Kane, Thomas R.; Levinson, David A. (991)
  28. Minding The Gap: Reading History With Joseph Conrad, Peter Weiss, And W. G. Sebald Kaakinen, Kaisa (989)
  29. Peppermint & Peppermint Oil Profile Baker, Brian P.; Grant, Jennifer A.; Malakar-Kuenen, Raksha (967)
  30. Lab-Based Meat Production: Science Fiction or Reality Post, M. J. (886)
  31. Cornell Era V. 55 1922-1923 Press, Cornell University (873)
  32. Segmenting and Targeting Your Market: Strategies and Limitations Lynn, Michael (842)
  33. Between Occultism And Fascism: Anthroposophy And The Politics Of Race And Nation In Germany And Italy, 1900-1945 Staudenmaier, Peter (833)
  36. Relationship inference and ancestral genome reconstruction using identical by descent sharing among relatives Qiao, Ying (793)
  37. Data-driven exploration at the nexus of energy and the environment Gu, Jiajun (789)
  38. The Woman's Bible Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (788)
  39. Novel Translations: The European Novel and the German Book, 1680-1730 Wiggin, Bethany (787)
  40. Integrated Electronics on Aluminum Nitride : Materials and Devices Chaudhuri, Reet (786)
  41. Shimmering Surfaces: An Ethnography of Silk Production in Surin, Thailand Dalferro, Alexandra Grace (783)
  42. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan. Volume One Wolff, John U. (778)
  44. Quantitative Analysis of Three-photon Imaging with Green and Red-shifted Calcium Indicators in the Mouse Brain Wu, Chunyan (773)
  45. Holy Spit And Magic Spells: Religion, Magic And The Body In Late Ancient Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Bursi, Adam (769)
  46. TED Case Study: NIKE: Nike Shoes and Child Labor in Pakistan China Labor Watch (769)
  48. Methods Of Gram Staining Hucker, George J.; Conn, Harold Joel (749)
  49. Agricultural Information Worldwide, vol. 3, no. 1, 2010 Ballantyne, Peter; Mejia, Mariano; Treinen, Sophie; Cranston, Pete; Painting, Kevin; Arivananthan, Meena; Porcari, Enrica M.; Addison, Chris; Alvare, Luz Marina; Fogarolli, Angela; Keizer, Johannes; Anibaldi, Stefano; Brickley, Dan; Hesse, Edith (747)
  50. Codex Madrid I Leonardo, da Vinci (722)
  51. The Incomplete Guide to the Art of Discovery Oliver, Jack E. (715)
  52. Managing with Labor's Values Margolies, Ken (709)
  53. Work Groups and Teams in Organizations: Review Update Kozlowski, Steve W. J.; Bell, Bradford S. (707)
  54. Open Systems in Practice and Theory David, Shay (703)
  55. A Grower's Guide to Organic Apples Peck, Gregory; Merwin, Ian A. (694)
  56. Emerging Market Multinationals Report 2021: Building the Future on ESG Excellence Casanova, Lourdes; Miroux, Anne (682)
  57. Lemongrass Oil Profile Baker, Brian P.; Grant, Jennifer A. (679)
  58. Shape and Motion from Image Streams: a Factorization Method: Full Report on the Orthographic Case Tomasi, Carlo; Kanade, Takeo (671)
  59. Learning the Hard Way: Why Foreign Companies That Fail in China Haven't Really Failed Marquis, Christopher; Yang, Zoe (658)
  60. What Does the Gig Economy Mean for Workers? Donovan, Sarah A.; Bradley, David H.; Shimabukuru, Jon O. (651)
  61. A Conversation with Edmund T. Cranch Cranch, Edmund T.; Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer) (629)
  62. Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Best Practices, Guest Participation, and Customer Satisfaction Bruns-Smith, Alexandra; Choy, Vanessa; Chong, Howard; Verma, Rohit (623)
  63. Mission, Vision, Values & Goals Grusenmeyer, David (618)
  64. Emerging Market Multinationals Report 2020: 10 Years that Changed Emerging Markets Casanova, Lourdes; Miroux, Anne (618)
  65. The separation of Singapore from Malaysia. Fletcher, Nancy McHenry (610)
  66. Mechanisms for Intermittent Motion Bickford, John H. (600)
  67. Causes of the Financial Crisis Jickling, Mark (588)
  68. Vientiane Times, Vol. 23, Iss. 207, September 6, 2016 (582)
  69. Color the Essence of You Caygill, Suzanne (580)
  70. Consumer Concerns About Hormones in Food, BCERF Fact Sheet No. 37 Gandhi, Renu; Snedeker, Suzanne M. (573)
  71. Mental Health in the Workplace: Introduction, Executive Summaries Gabriel, Phyllis; Liimatainen, Marjo-Riitta (572)
  72. Arthasastra Shrestha, Laxmi Prasad (570)
  73. Competing Successfully with Other Hotels: The Role of Strategy Enz, Cathy A. (568)
  74. Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitization for U.S. Libraries, Archives, and Museums Hirtle, Peter B.; Hudson, Emily; Kenyon, Andrew T. (567)
  75. Duns Scotus on Divine Substance and the Trinity Cross, Richard (542)
  76. Greenhouse Engineering (NRAES 33) Aldrich, R. A.; Bartok, J. W.; Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (539)
  77. Emerging Markets Multinationals Report 2018 Casanova, Lourdes; Miroux, Anne (537)
  78. Repentance for the Holocaust: Lessons from Jewish Thought for Confronting the German Past Chung, C. K. Martin (534)
  79. Employee Compensation: Research and Practice Gerhart, Barry A.; T., George Milkovich (524)
  80. Garlic & Garlic Oil Profile Baker, Brian P.; Grant, Jennifer A. (523)
  81. 2022 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Raspberries & Blackberries Archer, Leigh; Carroll, Juliet; Pritts, Marvin (520)
  82. Novo teatro di machine et edificii per uarie et sicure operationi Zonca, Vittorio (516)
  83. नेपाली साहित्यक रचना, तीन बर्षे स्नातक तह (514)
  84. 2022 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Grapes Weigle, Tim; Carroll, Juliet (514)
  85. Work Groups and Teams in Organizations Kozlowski, Steve W. J.; Bell, Bradford S. (510)
  86. 2022 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Blueberries Carroll, Juliet; Pritts, Marvin (509)
  87. U.S. Retailers: Responsible for the Global Sweatshop Crisis Behind the Label (UNITE HERE) (506)
  88. Starpoint Central School District and Starpoint Administrators Association (SAA) (2018) (506)
  89. A Guide To Home Hydroponics For Leafy Greens Ronzoni, Ryan (504)
  90. Shifting Loyalties: Where Has All the Love Gone? Corda, Carolyn (497)
  91. Pseudo-LiDAR: Camera-based 3D object detection for autonomous driving Wang, Yan (492)
  92. 2022 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Strawberries Carroll, Juliet; Pritts, Marvin (491)
  93. मेरो सामाजिक अध्ययन तथा सिर्जनात्मक कला, कक्षा: पाँच (489)
  94. Barbecued Chicken and Other Meats Baker, Robert C. (487)
  95. Port Jervis Free Library and Port Jervis Free Library Employees Association (2018) (477)
  96. Starpoint Central School District and Starpoint Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) (2018) (476)
  97. Whitesboro, Village of and Village of Whitesboro Department of Public Works Unit, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), AFL-CIO, Local 294 (2018) (474)
  98. Yorkville, Village of and Village of Yorkville Department of Public Works Unit, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), AFL-CIO, Local 294 (2018) (473)
  99. Entrepreneurial Motivation Shane, Scott; Locke, Edwin A.; Collins, Christopher J. (473)
  100. Easton, Town of and Town of Easton Highway Department Unit, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), Local 294 (2018) (472)