Application of immateriality -Using virtual objects as architectural elements and design tools

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The research of mine in Cornell AAP for this one year is mainly about the relationship between the material and virtual object. In all four territories of investigation, my research matches Architecture + Discourse most. It is not about urbanism, nor ecological sustainability. Representation is related, lots of the parts of the research related to the computation design or the digital visual representation, but Architecture + Representation does not show the core idea of my research. Material is the essence of the reality, and virtual object relates to virtual. The relation between these two concepts has a far older history than the computer. It is even older than the fresco or other forms of art. A dream perhaps is the first virtual object we created and ever saw. Materialism poses the question of identity in terms of formation and how the actions of making and doing constitute both consciousness and things as a process and the positing of “a world out there.” Therefore, a world of the virtual object is created after the setting up of a material system. Also, the experience and the expectation of a virtual object world is based on the experience of the material world. Marx states the existence of materiality separate from being, and it is the praxis, and the consciousness build and change all these worlds together. Discourse is more than just history, and it is a handful of several statements or arguments that work in conjunction to develop a more complex idea, usually in an extended form. Therefore, in my opinion, Architecture + Discourse is the right territory to conclude my research.
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