Preferences and Attitudes of Chinese Outbound Travelers: The Hotel Industry Welcomes a Growing Market Segment

dc.contributor.authorLiu, Peng
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Lingqiang
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dc.description.abstractNumbering more than 70 million, the market of outbound Chinese travelers is already large and continues to grow. A survey of Chinese travel operators paints a picture of their clients as a focused group of travelers who seek to experience diverse aspects of the world’s cultures on trips while also making the best possible use of the time available. To that end, China’s travelers prefer such hotel room amenities as a pot to make hot water for tea, and a double sink with a separate vanity. A buffet breakfast is also high on the list, as another time saver. Most travel organizers book their clients in full-service urban hotels, because the travelers want to be close to shopping, attractions, and activities, while resorts are less popular. Although China’s outbound tourists have primarily been visiting nearby Pacific-region destinations, their target destinations are expanding to Europe and the United States, among other locations. While tour package price is always a consideration in deciding where to go, a particular problem for the Chinese travelers is the difficulty of obtaining U.S. visas. While China’s travelers would prefer planning their own independent trips, the reality is that package tours are the most practical for the foreseeable future. The world’s hotel chains have taken notice of this important market, and have developed concepts and amenities specifically intended to improve the guest experience for Chinese travelers.
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dc.titlePreferences and Attitudes of Chinese Outbound Travelers: The Hotel Industry Welcomes a Growing Market Segment
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