Reclaiming Architectural Authorship

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The series of projects illustrated in this book reveal possibilities to revisit the architectonic authorship in the surging waves of interdisciplinary pressures that impose external requirements to the fundamental design process. In this extroverted mode of production, design projects are prone to become mere by-products or mathematical equations of the external factors instead of an artistic creation manifested through the internal forces of disciplinary authorship. As the reversed order of priority imposes a critical threat by obscuring inherent goals of the discipline, each project in this research explores strategies to pry open a gap between those pressure points to reclaim the architectonic and artistic authorship of architects as spatial designers. Although the projects in the book vary in scale and type from painting on public surfaces to designing a folly, a building, and a mega-scale infrastructure, they are organized into a group consolidated by a common interest of using multidisciplinary prompts as vehicles to find disciplinary novelties that are described in architectonic terms such as form, order, space, and so on. In these projects, design prompts initially stem from interdisciplinary concerns but the continuous focus is on expanding the role of design within the intentions of expanded practice that suggests formal and spatial possibilities carved out by such external pressures. These projects give glimpses of the ideal middle ground between the charging influx of external requirements and the naive, introverted authorship of a designer. Such endeavor is executed only through a persistence to pursue disciplinary integrity while successfully addressing the increasing amount of interdisciplinary demand on architectural design productions.

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