Historic Interior Documentation: A Case Study

dc.contributor.authorBrosseau, Tamra
dc.description.abstractThis is a study of the documentation process of historical interiors, which examines the need for a procedure that records, evaluates, and documents interior architecture. An interior space can be recreated, restored, conserved or interpreted. I seek to demonstrate that a systematic approach to the documentation process is necessary to promote and further enhance the exchange of information regarding historical interiors within the preservation field. Consideration was given to the impact of such a system on the growing interest in historic interiors. Interdisciplinary approaches, including the fields of architecture, interior design, museum science, and historic preservation, were extensively researched. This involved evaluating the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of the different approaches. The findings highlight some of the issues that have broader implications within the field of historic preservation, including the need for the further development of interior research and documentation. The aim of this study is to highlight the call for this form of investigation. In the first chapter, an examination was performed of previous critical and historical works in the field, including both academic writing and professional reports. This chapter focuses on the lack of available information on the topic and the reasons for the development of such. Chapter two explores the historical background of the Miller Heller House of Ithaca, New York. I examined the importance of the Music Room as it relates to William Henry Miller, owner and architect, and Candace Wheeler, leading 19th century American textile artist and interior designer. Chapter three focuses on the actual documentation process. The Music Room of the Miller Heller House form a case study for the documentation process to be illustrated.en_US
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dc.titleHistoric Interior Documentation: A Case Studyen_US
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