2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal

dc.contributor.authorZellen, Jody
dc.description.abstract"Trigger" will be a site-specific installation that brings the interactivity of a net art experience into three-dimensional space. In my net art projects, viewers move and click through images and texts to change pages and open windows creating a layered effect within the screen. I have always wanted to explore how the movement of bodies through a space could cause changes in an installation. In "Trigger" the body's movement will act as the catalyst for interactivity. It will trigger changes in images and sounds within an environment. Think of the exhibition space as the space of the screen exploding out into three dimensions, and movements through this space will become part of its form and content. My net art sites have explored the subject of the city where viewers wander down virtual avenues, changing their surroundings with the click of a mouse. In "Trigger" I will explore how viewers can become active participants in an installation. I envision numerous people interacting with the work simultaneously, creating overlapping movements of images and sounds. Various types of sensors and motion capture devices (like webcams) will be used to track viewers' movements through the space. Moving closer or further away from a sensor might cause a projection to appear or disappear, an image to grow or diminish in size or intensity, for the rate of an animation to change, or for a new sound to be introduced or its volume to increase. I see this work as a series of projected rectangles and trapezoids- an evolving collage of projected imagery that envelopes all aspects of a space - walls, corners, floors-filling it with a cacophony of fluctuating urban images and sounds. As in all my installation work, the array of images projected will be determined by the architecture of the given space.en_US
dc.subjecturban spaceen_US
dc.subjectmobile phoneen_US
dc.subjectmass mediaen_US
dc.subjectnet arten_US
dc.subjectmotion sensorsen_US
dc.title2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposalen_US