JejunaI-Jejunal Intussusception in a 10 Week Old Parvo Puppy

dc.contributor.authorFarmer, Emily
dc.description.abstractA ten week old female intact shepherd mix puppy weighing 4. 7 Kg was submitted to the Cornell Pathology service on 6/4/2014 for necropsy. The puppy had been transported from Alabama with over 30 other puppies and some adult dogs on May 22nd• The puppy had been vaccinated appropriately with the canine distemper, adenovirus-2, parvovirus and parainfluenza virus vaccine (DA2PP) before transport and received a DA2PP booster as well as deworming, pesticide application and a bordetella vaccine when it arrived in the Nmth East. Shortly after arrival, the puppy became depressed and developed vomiting, diatThea with blood and respiratory signs such as mucoid nasal discharge and dyspnea. After a one week course of illness and "aggressive" treatment by the veterinarian on the case (treatment was not fully described by the submitting veterinarian but was written on the submission form as aggressive), the puppy had become markedly anemic (PCV=l4), icteric, painful on abdominal palpation and was euthanized. Several puppies in the transport had tested positive for parvovirus by this time. Necropsy revealed a severe jejunal-jejunal intussusception with necrosis, frank blood clots within the intestine and a severe, diffuse, subacute, necrotizing bronchopneumonia. lmmunohistochemistry performed on intestine was positive for parvovirus. This report will focus on intussusception, how and why they happen, diagnostic tests, clinical signs of intussusception, and surgical treatment.en_US
dc.subjectParvovirus, intussusception, canine, resection, anastomosisen_US
dc.titleJejunaI-Jejunal Intussusception in a 10 Week Old Parvo Puppyen_US
dc.typecase studyen_US


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