On Preferences for Standard Taxis, Electric Taxis, and Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing

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In the analysis and planning of the mobility ecosystem, preferences for ride-hailing over incumbent street-hailing services need better understanding. In this paper, a discrete choice model that allows for flexible preference heterogeneity is fitted with data from a discrete choice experiment among adult commuters in Montreal, Canada (N=760). Participants chose among Uber, Téo (a local electric ride-hailing service that was in operation when data were collected in 2018), and a standard taxi when presented with information about cost, time (on-trip, waiting, walking), power-train of the car (gasoline/hybrid) for Uber and taxi, and whether the available electric Téo was a Tesla (which was one of the actual features of the Téo fleet). The fitted model offers several behavioral insights. The results from running both the models on the various variables gave insight in the same direction albeit with a small change in exact values. People are less likely to choose a mode that has a higher cost, higher waiting time and higher walking time. We also got nice behavioral insights like low-income group, male, generation X and baby-boomer generation are less likely to choose ride-hailing services. The purpose of the trip also influenced selecting the service, with people who want to commute for work and going out at night are more likely to choose ride-hailing service like Téo over standard taxis. This shows that people are more confident in ride-hailing services when it comes to punctuality and availability on demand. For a task like going to the airport, people prefer both the ride-hailing service more than standard taxis. People who are existing users of Uber are way more likely to choose ride-hailing service over taxis showing very high customer satisfaction and liking towards those services. A variable like a car being a Tesla also has a positive effect on the selection of the mode of service which shows people are inclined towards environmental consciousness as well as a luxury since Tesla is a high-end car. Overall, ride-hailing services have gained a good foothold in the market and the services offered by them are more attractive for the people compared to the standard taxis.

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