NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications) 2013: A Year in Review

dc.contributor.authorCarroll, Juliet
dc.contributor.authorGibbons, John
dc.contributor.authorWeigle, Timothy
dc.contributor.authorSeaman, Abby
dc.contributor.authorPetzoldt, Curt
dc.description.abstractThe Network for Environment & Weather Applications (NEWA) conducts onsite environmental monitoring and transmits weather data to NEWA’s servers which automatically calculate and provide tabulated weather data summaries, degree days, and IPM forecast model results for 26 insects and diseases. Weather stations transmitting to NEWA via RainwiseNet have access to Rainwise features including graphing weather parameters and frost alarms. Sensatronics modem-connected stations were phased out saving $1500 in operating costs, but leaving poor coverage in the Keuka Lake vineyard region. NEWA is funded largely through fees from expansion networks in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont. Pennsylvania joined in 2013. NEWA now has 249 station locations. In 2013, Rainwise AgroMET weather stations were improved to allow for plug-in of additional sensors and cellular modem communications. In NY, 11 presentations on NEWA were given, reaching over 1,000 people. The apple thinning and irrigation models were implemented in NEWA and this has greatly increased interest from apple growers to get weather instruments connected to NEWA. Data quality control messaging was implemented to alert people about station outages longer than 24-hours.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.subjectWeather Forecasting
dc.titleNEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications) 2013: A Year in Review


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