Vol. 1, sec. 6 (pp. 537-673). Continues with female workers’ testimony, Dec. 11-12, 1911. Adjourned to December 13

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Vol. 1, sec. 6 (pp. 537-673) Resumed December 12th, 1911. Testimony by female workers continues: BECKIE ROTHSTEIN continues, describing actions of self and Sam Bernstein, who tried to open the door ROSE MAYERS, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 549), testifies she tried to open door and others tried to help open it; prior conversations about the door with others SOPHIE ZIMMERMAN, machine operator (People’s witness, p. 564), assisted by interpreter, testified that she saw others try to open the door, unsuccessfully; notes she never saw the door open KATIE WEINER, employed as lace cutter (People’s witness, p. 576), testifies she tried to open door; asked about prior testimony at Coroner’s inquest; asked about who else she saw, injuries sustained at elevator CELIA WALKER, employed as examiner (People’s witness, p. 599), describes physical layout of work space on ninth floor; testifies she tried to open door; jumping over machines, jumping into elevator shaft, holding on to cable, going unconscious; questioned about orientation of flames and smoke; construction of door LILLIAN WEINER, employed as examiner (People’s witness, p. 635), describes physical layout of work space on ninth floor; testifies she tried to open door, and others before her tried and found it locked; testifies they were never allowed to open a window DORA AXLEROD, employed as a waist maker (People’s witness, p. 656), assisted by interpreter BECKIE BURSKY, operator (People’s witness, p. 658), assisted by interpreter, discusses actions on day of fire, use of fire escape ROSE GLANTZ, operator (People’s witness, p. 664), discusses actions on day of fire, customary work routine, use of elevators Adjourned to December 13, 1911
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triangle fire; rothstein; mayers; machine operator; zimmerman; weiner; lace cutter; employee; walker; examiner; weiner; axlerod; waist maker; bursky; operator; glantz
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