Small Farm Quarterly - Fall 2010

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CONTENTS: SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE -Cornell Small Farms Program Update, Page 3; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -Farm Businesses and the Join Venture Agreement, by Adam Prizio, Esq., Page 6; COMMUNITY AND WORLD -Increasing Local Food Consumption in the Catskill Mountains, by Challey Comer, Page 18; COWS AND CROPS -Learning to Read Whole Farm Systems, by Matthew Goldfarb, Page 4; Rare Breeds Pose Challenges, Offer Opportunities, by Adrienne Masler, Page 13; Kevatta Farms Dairy, by Debra Welch and Nancy Glazier, Page 16; FARM ENERGY -Fighting the Weeds with Fire and French Fry Oil, by Annie Bass, Page 5; Harvesting Water is a Breeze, by Troy Bishopp, Page 18; FOREST AND WOODLOT -Emerald Ash Borer, by Mark Whitmore, Page 19; GRAZING -True Capital is Biological Capital, by Troy Bishop, Page 7; HOME & FAMILY -Fall’s Bounty, by Jill Swenson, Page 14; A Truck Transition, by Troy Bishopp, Page 17; HORTICULTURE -Another Tool for Your Disease Management Toolbox, by Elizabeth M. Lamb, Page 11; LOCAL FOODS & MARKETING -PR 101, by Michael Seinberg, Page 6; Tricks of the Trade, by Aaron Muzer, Page 11; NEW FARMERS -Growing a Groundsell, by Rachel Firak, Page 12; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK -Pasture Bloat in Sheep, by Ulf Kintzel, Page 8; NORTHEAST SARE SPOTLIGHT -Training Systems for Wine Grapes, by Annie Bass, Page 9; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHTS -Organic Insect and Disease Management, by Elizabeth Lamb, Page 11; Livestock Conservation and Specific Breeds, Page 13; Good Meat, Page 16; 2010 Cornell Small Farms Program Publications, Page 20; STEWARDSHIP & NATURE -October Harvest, by Bill Duesing, Page 19; URBAN AGRICULTURE -Aeroponics, by Aaron Munzer, Page 15; YOUTH PAGES -Exploring the Small Farm Dream, by Rachel Lee, Billy Yang, Dana Seag, Page 10; Small Farms, Big Job, by Billy Yang, Page 10; Education vs. Experience, by Rachel Lee, Page 10; Exploring the Small Farm Dream, by Dana Seag, Page 10

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Small Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.


Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, USDA NRCS, NYS 4-H Team Program

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