Small Farm Quarterly - Spring 2005

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CONTENTS: EDITORIAL: From the Editors by Joanna Green,Page 3; SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE: Small Farms Program Update by Joanna Green, Page 3; BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: When the Wind Blows by Jude Barry, Page 6; New York State Ups Its Minimum Wage by Joan Petzen, Page 19; COMMUNITY/WORLD: One Farming Philosophy That’s Stood the Test of Time, by Bill Henning, Page 17; COWS AND CROPS: Dairy and Beef: A Perfect Fit by Peggy Murray, Page 4; Raising Contract Heifers and Custom Forage Crops, by Larry R. Hulle, Page 11; Soybeans Offer Small Growers Income Through New Contract Program, by Kara Lynn Dunn, Page 17; Are You Growing the Most Advantageous Crop?, by Bill Henning, Page 19; FOREST AND WOODLOT: Maple Flavor and Syrup Grading by Stephen Childs, Page 14; HORTICULTURE: Small-Scale Greenhouse Management by Judson Reid, Page 5; Stepnoski Farm - Adapting to Changing Markets, by Bernadette Logozar, Page 20; MARKETING: Valley Farmer by Stephen Kaye, Page 9; The Good News About Fat by Julie Berry, Page 18; Great Product, Great Market - But How Do You Connect the Two?, by Jude Barry, Page 21; NEW FARMERS: Farmers Share Their Start-Up Stories, by Madeleine Charney, Page 10-11; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK: Equine Emergency! Wound Care Basics for Your Horse, by David Leggett, Page 15; ORGANIC FARMING: Finally, An Effective Organic Herbicide! by Fred Forsberg, Page 22-23; PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT: What’s Needling You? by David Leggett, Page 6; STEWARDSHIP AND NATURE: Time To Take A Look At Your Phosphorus Fertilzier Rates for Corn?, by Karl Czymmek, Quirine Ketterings and Greg Albrecht, Page 8; Looks Who’s Living In Your Alfalfa! by Ken Wise, Page 15-16; Beneficial Bats by Kim Clark, Page 18; URBAN AGRICULTURE: Re-Vision Farm: Enterprising Urban Aquaculturalists, by Bernadette Logozar, Page 7; East NY (City) Farms! by Linda Ameroso, Page 16; YOUTH PAGES: 4-H - A Defining Choice by Bethany Hobin, Page 12; Chicks to Champions by Mary Katherine Zielonka, Page 12; Activity: Grow A Plant, Page 12; Farming is Fantastic! by Jacob Dueppengiesser, Page 13; From City to County by Deandra Johnson, Page 13; Teamwork by Olivia Sherman, Page 13

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Small Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.


Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, PRO-DAIRY/CCE-NWNY, New England Small Farm Institute, NYS 4-H Team Program, Watershed Agricultural Council, NY FarmNet

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