Nature Translation

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dc.description.abstractAs one of the most important elements in architectural design, natural environment always inspires architects. In the case of Fehn Pavilion of Nordic nations from Sverre Fehn, nature as an architectural identity was introduced in the space in the form of trees which grown between the beams. Several cases in the history show architects’ attempt not only to create harmonious relationships between the buildings and the environment, but also to bring the natural feeling into interior space. However, how to understand and translate nature space in to artefact space is not that easy. To translate nature space into architecture space is not merely only about to imitate the nature by planting vegetation and so on. Architects need to capture the most significant moment of the nature and abstract it into architecture language. The difficulty in the process of translating nature into architectural space is that architects should represent nature in an artefactual way. That is to say architects need to design an artefactual nature space. This article would firstly discuss how to abstract and translate nature environment into architecture language by the works from elective course SECOND NATURE 01: LANDSCAPE conducted by guest critic Pezo von Ellrichshausen from Chile. Artefactual space would also be introduced by the research from elective course Architecure, Space and Structure conducted by Labics, an architectural and urban planning practice founded by Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori. In the end, the project from the studio Material Matters, the 2018 fall optional studio conducted by Chilean architects Alejandro Beals and Loreto Lyon, would illustrate the whole process to design an artefactual nature space in architecture by abstracting nature environment, combining artefactual structure. ABSTRACT
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dc.titleNature Translation
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