Surveillance Optimization Project for Chronic Wasting Disease dataset for Indiana, US, 2017-2021

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This dataset contains two files containing data from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources shared with the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab (CWHL) at Cornell University for the purpose of the Surveillance Optimization Project for Chronic Wasting Disease (SOP4CWD). Professionals at the source facility have provided written permission for professionals at the CWHL to post this open data to this persistent eCommons repository. INDNR_WTD_surveillance_2021.csv: This datafile constitutes records in standardized form depicting the results of chronic wasting disease (CWD) testing of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Indiana, US for hunting seasons from 2017-18 to 2020-21, as completed by wildlife health diagnosticians at (or in partnership with) the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. INDNR_processors_2019.csv: This datafile constitutes the total number wild cervid meat processors and taxidermists by county in Indiana, US for the year 2019, as recorded by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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Funding for data collection was provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife, White-tailed Deer Management grant F18AF00484-W38R05, and Monitoring Wildlife Populations and Health grants F20AF10029-00-W-51-R-01 and F21AF02467-01-W-51-R-02. The SOP4CWD project was funded by Multistate Conservation Grant Program # F21AP00722-01; Michigan Disease Initiative # RC109358; Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; and Virginia Department of Natural Resources.

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chronic wasting disease; SOP4CWD; surveillance; white-tailed deer


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Guinness J, Booth JG, Hanley BJ, Them CE, Mitchell CI, Abbott RC, Hollingshead NA, Ahmed MS, Walsh DP, Walter WD, Jennelle CS, Hodel FH, Christensen SA, Ballard JR, Riggs AJ, Middaugh CR, Cunningham M, Clemons B, Sayler K, Killmaster CH, Harms TM, Ruden RM, Caudell J, Westrich MB, McCallen E, Casey C, O’Brien LM, Trudeau JK, Straka K, Stewart C, Carstensen M, McKinley WT, Hynes KP, Ableman A, Miller LA, Cook M, Meyers R, Shaw J, Tonkovich MJ, Nituch L, DiSalvo AR, Fleegle JT, Rosenberry CS, Kelly JD, Grove DM, Kirchgessner MS, Storm DJ, & Schuler KL. Risk factors for chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer using surveillance data from eastern North America. In preparation.

Them CE, CI Mitchell, NA Hollingshead, RC Abbott, BJ Hanley, MS Ahmed, JG Booth, CS Jennelle, FH Hodel, J Guinness, JR Ballard, AJ Riggs, CR Middaugh, M Cunningham, B Clemons, K Sayler, CH Killmaster, TM Harms, RM Ruden, J Caudell, MB Westrich, E McCallen, C Casey, LM O’Brien, JK Trudeau, K Straka, C Stewart, M Carstensen, WT McKinley, KP Hynes, A Ableman, LA Miller, M Cook, R Meyers, J Shaw, MJ Tonkovich, L Nituch, JD Kelly, DM Grove, DJ Storm, & KL Schuler. 2023. Surveillance benefit components for chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer [Dataset]. Cornell University Library eCommons Repository.

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