Letter 11 from Waguih Ghali to Diana Athill on November 29, 1963

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Ghali begins by attempting to justify his criticisms of Diana's writing. He explains that he is not a true writer, but he loves reading and developing personal opinions on writings, which include criticisms. These criticisms are not literary reviews, but personal beliefs, so they should not be taken as an attempt to expertly analyze writings. He goes on to explain that he has a limited knowledge of literature, and primarily adores Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, and Vladimir Nabokov. He apologizes for failing to write back more promptly, his work has been increasingly busy. He acknowledges his difficulties with dealing with business matters and plans to tell Andre Deutsch that he will handle foreign rights himself. Ghali eventually begins to talk to Diana about her plans for Christmas and tells her that she will be the 'queen of christmas' at her home due to her new book. Ghali has not gambled in almost a year, but is getting urges to do it again. However, he still is not being good with his money, spending excessively on expensive food and clothes. He briefly mentions his friend Samir, whose girlfriend he dislikes. He ends his letter referencing his dismay with the recent assassination of President Kennedy and how lucky the world was to have him lead the United States. He does not like Lyndon B. Johnson (equates him with Nixon) and thinks the murder was a conspiracy which makes him question the abilities of the police in protecting people.

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Letter, 8 pages

Personal names mentioned in the letter: Anton Chekhov; Vladimir Nabokov; JB Priestley; GG; Samir; Sarah (Samir's girlfriend); John F. Kennedy; Lee Harvey Oswald; Jack Ruby


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