Dairy Farm Business Summary: Central New York and Central Plain Regions 1988

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Program Objective The primary objective of the dairy farm business summary, DFBS, is to help farm managers improve the financial management of their farm business through appropriate use of historical farm data and the application of modern farm business analysis techniques. In short, DFBS identifies the business and financial information farmers need and demonstrates how it should be used in identifying and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the farm business. Format Features This regional report follows the same general format as in the 1988 DFBS printout received by all participating dairy farmers. Worksheets are included to give non-DFBS participants an opportunity to summarize their businesses. The analysis tables have an open column or section labeled My Farm. It may be used by any dairy farm manager who wants to compare his or her business with the average data of this region. This report features: (1) an income statement including accrual accounting for farm business expenses and receipts, as well as measures of profitability with and without appreciation, (2) a complete balance sheet including financial ratios, (3) a cash flow summary including debt repayment ability, (4) a cropping program analysis, (5) a dairy program analysis, and (6) capital and labor efficiency analysis. Micro DFBS, a computer program which enables Cooperative Extension agents and specialists to calculate and print individual farm business reports in their offices, is now being used by the dairy farm management field staff for 90 percent of the farms cooperating. This innovative approach provides faster processing of farm record data and increased use of the DFBS in farm management programs.

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