Lodging Stocks Outperform Casinos on Wall Street, Reversing Their 1992-93 Performance

dc.contributor.authorCarvell, Steven A.
dc.description.abstractA comparison of the stock market performance of lodging stocks and casino stocks over the past year reveals returns superior to the S&P500 for both groups. Over the 52-week period ending March 18, 1994, the average price of a sample portfolio of lodging stocks rose 61.6%, and a corresponding portfolio of casino stocks advanced 37.2%, compared with the S&P500's 4.6% return over the same period. The gain for lodging stocks represents a sharp rebound from the prior 52-week period, but a slowdown for the casino stocks. The strong showing of these stocks over the last year, as well as the changes in relative performance can be explained by an analysis of measures of fundamental value, such as the profit margin, return on equity, and return on assets, as well as structural changes in the industries. Interest in lodging and casino stocks by institutional investors is encouraging, but significant uncertainties, in particular with respect to taxation of gaming revenues and legalization of specific forms of gambling, present ongoing risks that could lead to continued stock price volatility.
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dc.subjecthotel industry
dc.subjectstock performance
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dc.titleLodging Stocks Outperform Casinos on Wall Street, Reversing Their 1992-93 Performance
local.authorAffiliationCarvell, Steven A.: Cornell University School of Hotel Administration


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