Torn calcanean tendon repair in a 9 year old female Weimaraner

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A 9 year old female spayed Weimaraner had a 2 week history of lameness in her right hind limb after being let outside unattended. She was brought to the rDVM where no significant findings were seen on radiographs but palpation of the right calcanean tendon revealed that it was thickened and painful. She was given Previcox and Omeprazole for 10 days but no improvement was seen and she was referred to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals Orthopedic service. Analysis of her gait at a walk and trot revealed a severe weight bearing lameness characterized by a dropped hock and knuckling over of the digits. A complete blood count and serum chemistry was done and the only abnormality seen was a moderate elevation in alkaline phosphatase. Ultrasound exam of the right calcanean tendon revealed that it was partially torn 3 cm from its insertion on the tuber calcanei. Surgical repair of the ruptured tendon, the tendon of the gastrocnemius muscle, involved the use of locking-loop and horizontal mattress sutures. A positional cortical bone screw was also placed into the calcaneus bone and into the tibia for prolonged immobilization of the tibiotarsal joint. Initially after surgery the patient was maintained in a bandage and splint. At her six week recheck the patient was ultrasounded to evaluate healing. Because the tendon was healing well the positional cortical bone screw was removed and she was placed into a custom made orthopedic brace from

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Seminar SF610.1 2012

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