Small Farm Quarterly - Spring 2006

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CONTENTS: FROM THE EDITORS: Progress, Page 3; SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE: Cornell Small Farms Program Update, Page 3; COMMUNITY/WORLD: Reconnecting Farms, Food and Communities, Page 18; COWS AND CROPS: Dealing with High Fertilizer Prices, Page 6; Composting Bedded Pack Barns Get Attention, Page 9; Klearview Farm Dairy: Downsizing and Specializing, Page 12; Double Cropping - Potential for Intensive Animal Production, Page 13; FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Agriculture Feeds Us - Could It Also Fuel Us?, Page 19; FOREST AND WOODLOT: Are You Growing Nuts?, Page 22; GRAZING: Keep It Simple, Page 7; HOME AND FAMILY: On Raising Rural Kids: Safety First, Never Last, Page 4; Not all Returns on Investment are $$$$, Page 6; MANAGING RISK: For CSA, Managing Risk is Just Good Business, Page 8; Diverse Livestock, Multiple Markets, Page 12; Farm Equipment on the Highway, Page 20; Farm Vehicle Regulations, Page 20; MARKETING: Cooperative Farm Stores: A Chilean Example, Page 11; Lessons from North Carolina: Sunshine Lavender Farm, Page 5; NEW FARMERS: Land of Opportunity: Immigrant Farmers Put Down Roots in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Page 23; Trials and Tribulations of a New Grazer, Page 24; NON-DAIRY LIVESTOCK: Breaking Through the Bottleneck in Marketing Meats, Page 14; ORGANIC FARMING: Three New Organic Dairy Initiatives Underway in the Northeast, Page 15; PHOTO ESSAY: From Field To Table: Photo Essay by Jason Houston, Page 10; READERS WRITE: Page 4; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHTS: Rural Youth Resources, Page 5; Apply Early For An FSA Loan, Page 20; STEWARDSHIP AND NATURE: Fringe Benefits by David Kline, Page 21; YOUTH PAGES: FFA Winter Weekend, Page 16; What? Rabbits?, Page 16; Activity: Chalk It Up To Agriculture, Page 16; Dairy Life, Page 17; Learning from Horses, Page 17; Country Living, Page 17

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Small Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide.


Cornell Small Farms Program, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, PRO-DAIRY/CCE-NWNY, New England Small Farm Institute, NYS 4-H Team Program, Watershed Agricultural Council

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