Establishing reliable high speed Internet access at agricultural universities in Africa: the Ubuntu-Net model

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Solution Scenario Concept: Inadequate access to Internet bandwidth prevents universities and technical training institutions from gaining access to existing high quality online content. Many universities and training institutions in developing countries can not afford the cost of Internet bandwidth. Bandwidth is too little, too expense and ineffectively managed for many developing country institutions. To date several initiatives have proved the power of consortia in bringing down bandwidth costs and delivering affordable internet in developing countries. The UbuntuNet Alliance is a recent initiative to establish national interinstitutional collaborative platforms in the education and research community in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA). UbuntuNet Alliance was established to capitalise on the emergence of optical fibre and other terrestrial infrastructure opportunities and thus become the Research and Education Network (REN) backbone of Africa. Country level initiatives called National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Southern and East Africa have drastically improved internet connectivity for the research and education community in the region through the ‘bandwidth buying consortia’ consortia and effective management of the available bandwidth opening access to high quality online content to the sector. This proposal is to further fund the building of this model in SSA and South Asia in order to provide high speed internet connectivity to researchers, faculty and students.
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WorldAgInfo Project Solution Scenario 4: Technologies and Information Exchange Systems. Based on the deliberations of participant groups in Workshop 1, the WorldAgInfo Design Team drafted a problems and solutions summary document (available within Section Three of the Final Report). This is one of several potential solution scenarios to emerge through that process. These were in turn used to inform proposed information projects generated by Workshop 2 participants in Livingstone, Zambia (available within Section Two of the Final Report).
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World Ag Info Project
Information Systems; Agriculture; ICT; Agricultural Development; International Development; Agricultural Education
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