NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Awareness) 2007: A Year in Review

dc.contributor.authorGibbons, John
dc.contributor.authorCarroll, Juliet
dc.contributor.authorTenEyck, Cheryl
dc.contributor.authorPetzoldt, Curt
dc.contributor.authorWeigle, Tim
dc.description.abstractNEWA operated and maintained the electronic weather network in 2007 with funding support from the NYS IPM Program. There are now 1171 users registered in the NEWA database. Compared to 829 in 2006, this represents a 41% increase. Visits or “hits” to NEWA’s website increased 7.5% over last year.  Weather stations are now being sourced from RainWise Inc. and a tour of these installations successfully worked out final details of networking them through NEWA. Eight grants were submitted to fund pest forecast model development and improvements to the NEWA website. A survey of NY onion, potato, grape and apple growers documented NEWA impact. These growers reported that they can save, on average, $19,500 per year in spray costs and prevent, on average, $264,000 per year in crop loss as a direct result of using NEWA pest forecast models. The Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) began collaborating with NEWA, creating a database for NEWA weather data and programming NEWA pest forecast models. The NEWA network completed a project expanding into eastern NY where there are now seven weather stations with another two slated for installation.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectWeather Forecasting
dc.titleNEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Awareness) 2007: A Year in Review


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