Small Farms Quarterly - Summer2015

dc.contributor.authorCornell Small Farms Program
dc.descriptionSmall Farm Quarterly is for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children - who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide. OUR GOALS ARE TO: Celebrate the Northeast region’s smaller farms; Inspire and inform farm families and their supporters; Help farmers share expertise and opinions with each other; Increase awareness of the benefits that small farms contribute to society and the environment; Share important research, extension, and other resources. The most recent issues can be found on the SFP website here:
dc.description.abstractCONTENT: SMALL FARM PROGRAM UPDATE -Cornell Small Farms Program Update,Page 3; DAIRY AND FIELD CROPS -New York Dairy Farm Business Summary for 2014, by Richard Kimmich, Page 15; FARM MEMOIR -Part Time Farmer, Full Time Mom, by Sara Edelman, Page 6; FARM TECH -Farming with a Old Technology that Copies Nature’s Basic Formula, by Edward DuQuette, Page 16; Making Hay While the Sun Shines, by Rich Taber, Page 10; FARM SAFETY -Farm Work and Your Health, by Marybeth Vargha, Page 8; FOREST AND WOODLOT -Financial Implications of Selling Timber, by Peter Smallidge, Page 14; Planting Nut Trees on Your Farm, by Jerry Henkin, Page 13; GRAZING -For Rent: Cheap Grazing Land?, by Nancy Glazier, Page 20; Planting a Small Silvopasture to Benefit Farm and Livestock,by Bill Verbeten,Page 12; LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY -Minerals for Sheep, by Ulf Kintzel, Page 5; State Veterinarian Reminds New York Poultry Industry to Always Practice Good Biosecurity Measures, Page 7; LOCAL FOODS AND MARKETING -Is being a jack-of -all-trade really better for your bottom line?, by Rachel Carter, Page 2; Local Farms Enthusiastic About “Delaware Bounty”, a Local Food Outlet, by Mariane Kiraly, Page 9; NEW AND BEGINNING FARMERS -Penn State’s “Agricultural Alternatives” series, by Lynn F. Kime, Page 19; RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT -Excerpt:The New Livestock Farmer, by Rebecca Thistlethwaite and Jim Dunlop, Page 17; URBAN AGRICULTURE -Small Farm in the Big City, by Regina A. Bernard-Carreno, Page 18;en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCornell Small Farms Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension, USDA, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Funden_US
dc.publisherCornell Small Farms Programen_US
dc.titleSmall Farms Quarterly - Summer2015en_US


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