NEWA (Northeast Weather Association) 2004: A Year in Review

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The Northeast Weather Association (NEWA) maintained the electronic weather network in the 2004 growing season with support from NEWA members, the NYS IPM Program, and two grants. NEWA usage continued to increase in 2004, up 16% over 2003. The number of people receiving NEWA information is much larger than that measured by web hits since information from NEWA is used in crop updates and Extension newsletters. In 2004 the NEWA Association was dissolved and the NYS IPM Program assumed leadership and financial responsibility for NEWA. On the NEWA web site, the National Weather Service continued to provide weather forecasts and new forecast products, including NOAA web radio broadcasts and degree day forecasts specific to weather station locations. The Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) provided links to evapotranspiration (ET) maps and daily ET information based on data from their cooperative network. New from NRCC this year was a map depicting the Stewart’s Wilt forecast for New York. The NEWA network expanded to include additional sites in Chazy, Clintondale, Red Hook and Clifton Park as part of NE SARE and NE Regional IPM grants. The DMCast, grapevine downy mildew model, was linked in NEWA for the second year and refinements to it made. A weather database of NEWA data, created to support DMCast, provided the basis for several weather data applications developed in 2004, including: a degree day calculator, an apple pest degree day calculator, and a Specware data conversion program. A plan to convert the present NEWA system to a database driven web site is being developed with Spider Graphics.

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