CIGR E-Journal Volume 6

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(1.) P. Kumar and K. Dewangan. Deflection and Contact Characteristics of a Power Tiller Tyre. (January 2004). ...(2.) S. Li and Y. Lin. Modeling a Single-stage Hydrocyclone for Potato Starch Separation.(February 2004). ...(3.) Y. Cui, Y. Li, Z. Mao, J. Lance and A. Musy. Strategies for Improving the Water Supply System in HCID, Upper Reaches of the Yellow River Basin, China . (March 2004). ...(4.) S. Mutaf, S. Alkan and N. Seber. The Effects of Natural Ventilation Air Exchange on Psychrometric Results in Poultry Houses in Hot Environment - Design Characteristics. (March 2004). ...(5.) N. Abu-Khalaf, B. Bennedsen and G. Bjorn. Distinguishing Carrot???s Characteristics by Near Infrared (NIR) Reflectance and Multivariate Data Analysis. (March 2004). ...(6.) S. Sakhamuri, J. Bober, J. Irudayaraj and A. Demirci. Simultaneous Determination of Multiple Components in Nisin Fermentation Using FTIR Spectroscopy. (March 2004). ...(7.) A. van Wagenberg, B. Bjerg and G. Bot. Measurement and Simulation of Climatic Conditions in the Animal Occupied Zone in a Door Ventilated Room for Piglets. (April 2004). ...(8.) P. Picuno and C. Sica. Mechanical and Spectroradiometrical Characteristics of Agricultural Plastic Films. (April 2004). ...(9.) R. Medjo Eko. Use of Isotropic Stress State Framework to Evaluate the Effect of Suction on Some Mechanical Parameters of Sainte-Rosalie Clay Submitted to Confined Compression. (April 2004). ...(10.) J. Khazaei and D. Mann. Effects of Temperature and Loading Characteristics on Mechanical and Stress-Relaxation Properties of Sea Buckthorn Berries. Part 1. Compression Tests. (April 2004). ...(11.) J. Khazaei and D. Mann. Effects of Temperature and Loading Characteristics on Mechanical and Stress-Relaxation Properties of Sea Buckthorn Berries. Part 2. Puncture Tests. (April 2004). ...(12.) K. Rosentrater. Laboratory Analysis of an Electrostatic Dust Collection System. (April 2004). ...(13.) A. Yuwono and P. Schulze Lammers. Performance Test of a Sensor Array-Based Odor Detection Instrument. (May 2004). ...(14.) M. Massoud, M. El-Fadel, M. Scrimshaw, and J. Lester. Land Use Impact on the Spatial and Seasonal Variation of the Contaminant Loads to Abou Ali River and Its Coastal Zone in North Lebanon. (May 2004). ...(15.) J. Bober and A. Demirci. Nisin Fermentation by Lactoccocus lactis subsp. lactis Using Plastic Composite Supports in Biofilm Reactors.(June 2004). ...(16.) A. Vejasit and V. Salokhe. Studies on Machine-Crop Parameters of an Axial Flow Thresher for Threshing Soybean. (July 2004). ...(17.) G. van Straten and Th. Gieling. Ion Control in Closed Growing Systems with Inert Media: Controller Settings and Modes of Operation. (July 2004). ...(18.) A. Kalbasi-Ashtari. Effects of Post-harvest Pre-cooling Processes and Cyclical Heat Treatment on the Physico-chemical Properties of ???Red Haven Peaches??? and ???Shahmiveh Pears??? During Cold Storage. (July 2004). ...(19.) B. Blackmore, S. Fountas, L. Tang, and H. Have. Systems Requirements for a Small Autonomous Tractor. (July 2004). ...(20.) J. Cancela, X. Neira, T. Cuesta, C. Alvarez, and R. Crecente. Socio-Economic Evaluation of the Terra Cha Irrigators Community by using a Geographic Information System - Spain. (July 2004). ...(21.) A. Atiku, N. Aviara, and M. Haque. Performance Evaluation of a Bambara Ground Nut Sheller. (July 2004). ...(22.) I. Audu, A. Oloso, and B. Umar. Development of a Concentric Cylinder Locust Bean Dehuller. (August 2004). ...(23.) B. Bjerg, P. Kai, S. Morsing, and H. Takai. CFD Analysis to Predict Close Range Spreading of Ventilation Air from Livestock Buildings. (August 2004). ...(24.) G. Munoz-Hernandez, M. Gonzalez-Valadez, and J. Dominguez-Dominguez. An Easy Way to Determine the Working Parameters of the Mechanical Densification Process. (August 2004). ...(25.) J. Montero, P. Galletero, C. Neumeister, and J. Diaz. Comparative Study Between Rigid Frames and Truss Steel Structures. (August 2004). ...(26.) B. Hermiyanto, M. Zoebisch, G. Singh, S. Ranamukhaarachchi, R. Clemente and F. Agus. Comparing Runoff, Soil and Nutrient Losses from Three Small Watersheds in Indonesia. (September 2004). ...(27.) G. Tomaselli, G. Pappalardo, M. Di Marco, and P. Russo. Building Design Solutions for Sheep and Goat Breeding in the Protected Areas of Sicily. (September 2004). ...(28.) Y. Yuan, A. Hansen, and Q. Zhang. The Specific Gravity of Biodiesel Fuels and their Blends with Diesel Fuel. (September 2004). ...(29.) A. De Montis and S. De Montis. Mandatory and Spontaneous Processes of Impact Assessment: A Comparative Study Referred to Sardinia, Italy. (October 2004). ...(30.) S. Dasylva, C. Cosandey, D. Orange, and S. Sambou. Rainwater Infiltration Rate and Groundwater Sustainable Management in the Dakar Region. (October 2004). ...(31.) C. Bravo, D. Moshou, R. Oberti, J. West, A. McCartney, L. Bodria and H. Ramon. Foliar Disease Detection in the Field Using Optical Sensor Fusion. (December 2004). ...(32.) S. Korfali and B. Davies. The Relationships of Metals in River Sediments (Nahr-Ibrahim, Lebanon) and Adjacent Floodplain Soils. (Dec 2004). ...(33.) H. Sun, H. Keener, W. Deng and F. Michel, Jr. Development and Validation of 3-D CFD Models to Simulate Airflow and Ammonia Distribution in a High-Rise Hog Building during Summer and Winter Conditions. (December 2004). ...(34.) P. Kai and A. Schafer. Identification of Key Odour Components in Pig House Air using Hyphenated Gas Chromatography Olfactometry. (December 2004). ...(35.) L. Jacobsen and O. Frosig Nielsen. Modelling Airflow Rate through Perforated Benches in Greenhouses. (December 2004). ...(36.) J. Khazaei and D. Mann. Effects of Temperature and Loading Characteristics on Mechanical and Stress-Relaxation Behavior of Sea Buckthorn Berries. Part 3. Relaxation Behavior. (December 2004). (37.) M.Sangha, P. Gupta, V. Thapar, and S. Verma. Storage Studies on Plant Oils and Their Methyl Esters. (December 2004). ...(38.) M. Islam, B. Marks, and F. Bakker-Arkema. Optimization of Commercial Ear-Corn Dryers. (December 2004). ...(39.) B. Pathak, F. Kazama, and I. Toshiaki. Monitoring of Nitrogen Leaching from a Tropical Paddy in Thailand. (December 2004). ...(40.) C. Noeme and R. Fragoso. Evaluation of Alternative Policies of Irrigation Water Price. Application to Large Farms in Alentejo Region. (December 2004). ...(41.) P. Sousa and S. Pedersen. Ammonia Emission from Fattening Pig Houses in Relation to Animal Activity and Carbon Dioxide Production. (December 2004). ...(42.) M. Fadel. Performance Assessment of VRT-based Granular Fertilizer Broadcasting Systems. (December 2004). ...(43.) S. Saptomo, B. Setiawan, and Y. Nakano. Water Regulation in Tidal Peatland Agriculture using Wetland Water level Control Simulator. (December 2004). ...(44.) J. Perez, M. Santamarina, J. Valles, A. Pena, D. Valera, and A. Carreno. Optimal Layout for Milk Goats Livestock Farms Using Genetic Algorithms. (December 2004). ---Invited Articles----(1.) H. Harms. Possibilities to Reduce Manufacturing and Management Costs of Tractors and Agricultural Equipment. (April 2004). ...(2.) A. Yuwono and P. Schulze Lammers. Odor Pollution in the Environment and the Detection Instrumentation. (July 2004). ...(3.) D. Ampratwum, A. Dorvlo, and L. Opara. Usage of Tractors and Field Machinery in Oman. (July 2004). ...(4.) L. Opara. Emerging Technological Innovation Triad for Smart Agriculture in the 21st Century. Part I. Prospects and Impacts of Nanotechnology in Agriculture.(July 2004). ...(5.) L. Kipkurui, I. Kithyo, P. Okemwa, and J. Korir. Modernisation in Automotive Technology and performance of Informal Sector Mechanics in Kenya. (August 2004). ...(6.) S. Pedersen, G. Monteny, H. Xin, and H. Takai. Progress in Research into Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Production Facilities. (August 2004).
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International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
Power Tiller Tyre; Modeling; Single-stage Hydrocyclone; Potato Starch Separation; Water Supply; HCID; Yellow River Basin; China; Ventilation; Air Exchange; Poultry Houses; Carrots; Near Infrared (NIR) Reflectance; Multivariate Data Analysis; Nisin Fermentation; FTIR Spectroscopy; Climate; Simulation; Pigs; Agricultural Plastic Films; sotropic Stress State Framework; Suction; Sainte-Rosalie Clay; Temperature; Sea Buckthorn Berries; Dust Collection; Odor Detection; Land Use; Abou Ali River; Lebanon; Lactoccocus lactis subsp. lactis; Biofilm Reactors; Axial Flow Thresher; Soybean; Closed Growing Systems; Post-harvest Pre-cooling Processes; Cyclical Heat Treatment; Red Haven Peaches; Shahmiveh Pears; Cold Storage; Small Autonomous Tractor; Terra Cha Irrigators Community; Geographic Information System; Spain; Bambara Ground Nut Sheller; Concentric Cylinder Locust Bean Dehuller; Livestock Buildings; Densification; Rigid Frames Structures; Truss Steel Structures; Runoff; Soil Loss; Nutrient Loss; Watershed; Indonesia; Sheep Breeding; Goat Breeding; Sicily; Biodiesel Fuels; Sardina; Italy; Rainwater Infiltration; Groundwater Management; Dakar; Foliar Disease; Optical Sensor Fusion; Nahr-Ibrahim; River Sediments; Floodplain; Perforated Benches; Stress-Relaxation Behavior; Plant Oils; Methyl Esters; Ear-Corn Dryers; Tropical Paddy; Nitrogen; Thailand; Alentejo; Farms; Irrigation; Carbon Dioxide; Goats; VRT-based Granular Fertilizer Broadcasting Systems; Tidal Peatland Agriculture; Oman; Kenya; Ammonia; Greenhouse Gas
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