Guide to Using the BigFootBF300 Baler for Agricultural Plastics: Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Big Foot BF300: Maintenance & Troubleshooting
The maintenance chapter of the "Guide to Using the BigFoot BF300 Baler" includes full descriptions and a maintenance schedule for the baler compaction chamber, Honda engine, baler and trailer hydraulic systems, paint, trailer, tires and towing. Material in this Guide expands upon the BigFoot BF300 manufacturer’s manual, the Honda Owner's Manual, and manufacturers’ manuals for other parts, with significant additions, revisions and explanations based upon the extensive experience of RAPP staff, expert opinion of engineers and other consultants, and alterations that RAPP made to the BigFoot BF300 to improve safety and performance. RAPP alterations to the BF300s operating under its auspices include installing: (1) safety chain as backup to the hydraulic door latch; (2) metal hood over the control box; (3) metal shield at the front of the trailer to protect the engine and exhaust from the elements and from road grit and moisture; (4) an elbow to the exhaust pipe to deflect emissions away from the operator and prevent road grit and moisture from being driven into the exhaust pipe during travel; (5) 1” horizontal extenders on front and back of the ram platen to prevent billowing plastic from blocking wire channels; (6) protective jackets around the two hydraulic hoses above the hydraulic control box to reduce operator risk; (7) trailer jack with 5000-lb lift and 8000-lb static load capacity to replace an inadequate trailer jack.
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NYS Environmental Protection Fund administered by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.
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Recycling Agricultural Plastics Project, Cornell University
BigFoot Baler; repair; maintenance; agricultural plastics; mobile baler; compaction; plastics baler
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