CIGR E-Journal Volume 2

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TECHNICAL ARTICLES: (1) Montero, J., Tarjuelo, J.M. and Ortega, J.F. Heterogeneity Analysis of the Irrigation in Fields with Medium Size Sprinklers. (2) J.F. Ortega, J.M. Tarjuelo, J. Montero, J.A. de Juan. Discharge Efficiency in Sprinkling Irrigation: Analysis of the Evaporation and Drift Losses in Semi-arid Areas. (3) Z. Bohuslavek. Estimation of EUROP- Conformation and Fatness of Beef Carcasses by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. (4) Jioi Blahovec, Ahmed A.S.Esmir, Josef Vacek. Objective Method for Determination of Potato Cooking. (5) M. Hauhouot-O'Hara, B.R. Criner, G.H. Brusewitz, J.B. Solie. Selected Physical Characteristics and Aerodynamic Properties of Cheat Seed for Separation From Wheat (6) C. Valero and M. Ruiz-Altisent. Design Guidelines for a Quality Assessment System of Fresh Fruits in Fruit Centers and Hypermarkets. (7) S. Oztekin and Y. Soysal. Comparison of Adsorption and Desorption Isoteric Heats for Some Grains. (8) J. Radon, W. Bieda. Optimisation of a Hybrid Wall for Solar Utilisation in Agriculture. (9) Dr. Ir. Catharinus F. Jaarsma. Sustainable Land Use Planning and Planning of Rural Road Networks. (10) Dorota Wojcicka-Migasiuk & Andrzej Chochowski. Simulation Model for Solar Water Heating for Food Processing...INVITED ARTICLES: (1) L.J. Clarke. Strategies for Agricultural Mechanization Development: The Roles of the Private Sectore and the Government. (2) Prof. Dmitry Strebkov. Trends in Russian Agriculture and Rural Energy. (3) Zachary A. Henry, John E. Dixon, Paul K. Turnquist, Jack L. Schinstock. Status of Agricultural Engineering Educational Programs in the USA. (4) Gajendra Singh. Agricultural Engineering Education in India.
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Rosana G. Moreira, Editor-in-Chief; Texas A&M University
Date Issued
International Commission of Agricultural Engineering
Heterogeneity Analysis; Irrigation; Sprinklers; Evaporation; Drift Losses; Semi-arid; Beef; bioelectrical Impedance Analysis; Fatness; Potato; Cooking; Cheat Seed; Wheat; Fruit centers; Hypermarkets; Isoteric Heat; Grain; Hybrid Wall; Solar; Agriculture; Lan Use; Rural Road; Solar Water Heating; Food Processing; Agricultural Mechanization; Private Sector; Government; Russian Agriculture; Russian Rural Energy; Russia; Agricultural Engineering; United States; India
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